Neil Erikson Detained After Interrupting Friday Prayers


Patriot activist Neil Erikson has been detained by Victoria Police for interrupting the second Friday Jummah Islamic Prayer at Federation Square in the Melbourne CBD.

Erikson arrived shortly before the scheduled start time of 1pm local time in a high vis shirt with a megaphone shouting ‘Mohammad was a False Prophet’ ‘ Mohammad was a Terrorist’ and ‘Vote Fraser Anning’.

The assembled Muslim crowd which was gender segregated (Erikson finished up in the male section) was extremely restrained just asking who he was and telling him to leave.

Erikson was taken down the stairs away from the main square where the prayers were taking place by Victoria Police and Federation Square security.

Erikson had been accompanied by his Cooks Convicts 2IC Ricky Turner and Richie Whelan most known as a member of Milo 5 who was filming the stunt for Erikson’s own YouTube channel which you can see below.

Erikson and Turner repeatedly questioned why Victoria Police were providing the square to the Islamic faith and why they weren’t allowed their free speech in a public place.

They also questioned why police were being heavy handed with them but it took them three hours to remove vegan protestors and did not charge EggBoy with a criminal offence for egging Fraser Anning.

Erikson was eventually handcuffed and detained (not arrested) and driven across town to Flemington where he was released with a direction not to return to the city area. Turner and Whelan were not detained.

The Unshackled livestreamed both Erikson’s stunt and detainment along with portions of the Jummah prayers.

The Imam conducting the prayers message to those Muslims assembled was to engage in more community outreach.

Our viewers can make up their own mind on the merits of Erikson’s stunt about whether it was productive or justified.

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