Leftist Triggering Meltdown over Blair Cottrell on Sky News. Sky Then Capitulates


Adam Giles was the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory from 2013 to 2016. Despite him being the first head of government in Australia to have Indigenous ancestry he had no time for identity politics or victim politics. Child welfare was a priority of his government stating that children should be removed from at-risk homes, refusing to be shackled by the paranoia about creating another stolen generation.

Giles and his Country Liberal Party lost office in a landslide at the 2016 Northern Territory election and it is back to the grievance politics as usual under new Labor Chief Minister Michael Gunner. Post his retirement from politics he worked for Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting from 2017 until May this year when he began hosting the Adam Giles Show on Sky News Australia. It is aired weekly on Sundays at 6 pm AEST. It is a mixture of his commentary, interviews and panel discussions.

On tonight’s show, Giles chose to interview Australia’s most prominent patriot activist Blair Cottrell. Cottrell was the leader of the United Patriots Front whose most well-known activism was opposing the construction of a mosque in the Victorian town of Bendigo. A mock beheading he and two other members performed on the steps of the Bendigo council got the trio hauled before Victoria’s courts and found guilty of breaching the state’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

The United Patriots Front Facebook page which had at its height over 120,000 was deleted at the beginning of 2017 and Cottrell himself was banned from Facebook. Since then he and his followers have focused on launching the Lads Society, a social club offering male fraternity with clubhouses in Sydney and Melbourne. The Unshackled spoke to Blair Cottrell shortly after the Lads Society officially went public.

Adam Giles asked Blair Cottrell about his activism and views. Cottrell stated he was a person who simply stated what people are thinking but are made to feel afraid to say and that Australians as a whole are a proud people. He set forth his views on immigration that we should only accept skilled migrants and who are culturally dissimilar to Australia such as white South African farmers. He gave a scathing critique of the current political class on the issues that matter. He also promoted the Lads Society and the services it aimed to offer the community

Cottrell has had a chequered history due to criminal convictions for arson and stalking and statements attributed to him supporting Adolf Hitler. Despite his past, he has still risen to become the main face of patriotism in Australia. His relaunched Facebook page has over 18k likes and has 24k Twitter followers.

Almost immediately after the segment aired on Sky News, the leftist social media went into meltdown with the hashtag #Nazis trending on twitter. Leftist media personalities and politicians led the triggered bridge and expressing outrage that Sky News could give a platform to a neo-Nazi.

There were calls for politicans to boycott the platform and its staff to go on strike until Sky apologized.

Things really got serious when Sky News’ host Janine Perrett voiced her dismay at her employer.

Soon after Sky News capitulate the online outrage and deleted the social media links to Adam Giles’ interview with Blair Cottrell. Part of the interview was uploaded to Blair Cottrell’s Facebook page but was taken down for copyright infringement.

The full television interview has now been uploaded to and is still available on Cottrell’s twitter account.

Sky News director Greg Byrnes issued the following tweet/statement.

Cottrell retweeted the statement calling it pathetic.

Sky News has long been a target of the online left since it is the only mainstream television network that airs conservative news programming. However, this apology for interviewing a well known right-wing activist shows that it is just as a capable of ceding to the left’s demands than any other media outlet or corporation.

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