Leftie Lynch Mob Goes After Coopers Brewery for Promoting a Civil Debate


Leftie Lynch Mob Goes After Coopers Brewery for Promoting a Civil Debate
If you ever needed any more proof the left does not want civil and rational political discourse and wants to shut down their opponents by force then their latest campaign of threats, harassment and calls for boycotts should just about do it. Coopers Brewery has incurred the left’s wrath all because of a video that their product Coopers Premium Light is featured in.

Why was this video so abhorrent? Well because it featured a debate on same sex marriage featured Tim Wilson MP and Andrew Hastie MP civilly putting forward their respective viewpoints on the issue. Hastie, who is opposed to same sex marriage, never says anything against homosexuality and says he respects Tim and his partner Ryan.

But what really triggered the left however was the fact that the video was produced by the Bible Society of Australia to celebrate its 200-year anniversary which has the aim of influencing “more Australians with God’s word”. Of course, the left views the Christian heritage of our society in contempt so this video was an easy target for the left.

Coopers Brewery for having their product featured in a video which actually does not promote any side of same sex marriage immediately found itself in the firing line. First it was the usual left wing trolls who starting leaving one star reviews on their Facebook page. This was followed by a number of inner city and gay bars stating they would no longer stock Coopers Beer including one bar, Sicuit, posting a video showing its staff throwing its Coopers stock in the rubbish. The hashtag #boycottcoopers was trending with many users saying they would no longer be drinking the product.

Coopers being a brewing company was clearly unaware of the savageness of the modern left, they honestly thought they were promoting a civil debate on an important issue. Their response to this backlash clearly shows this with them appearing to back out of any involvement with the production of the video “We want you to know that Coopers did not give permission for our Premium Light beer to feature in, or ‘sponsor’ the Bible Society’s ‘Keeping it Light’ video featuring Andrew Hastie and Tim Wilson’’.

Conservatives reaction to this quick capitulation to leftist bullying has been to condemn Coopers as cowardly. However, it should be pointed out they were only reacting to the feedback they had received and made a business decision. If conservatives wanted Coopers to stick by its sponsorship they should have been just as vocal in their support of the company’s actions as the left was in condemning them.

I would encourage all conservatives to send a message to Coopers on their website expressing their thanks at aiming to promote both sides of the debate for an issue so important as the definition of marriage. State that you will now be making a special effort to purchase their products and recommended to your friends in the hospitality industry to stock it. If Coopers were to see these messages of support it might not be so quick to back away.

Conservatives need to be just as active in the culture wars as the left which means making your opinion known when events such as these occur. The Coopers family have been long time donors to the Bible Society so it is clear that they are on the conservatives side, we just need to let them know that there are many Australians, contrary to what the media reports that are on their side.

This episode further illustrates just how totalitarian the movement for same sex marriage has become. Companies such as Holden and fellow brewer Hahn had LGBT promotions in the lead up to Mardi Gras despite the fact I doubt that most of their customers think much of the event or the associated lifestyle. If you are a company you are allowed to have an opinion on the issue, just the right one.

Companies should not be afraid to state they are for traditional marriage or in this case not have a position on the issue. They can overcome the leftist boycott threats and see their businesses continue to thrive. This was the case with American fast food company Chick-Fil-A when they came out in support of traditional marriage and family. LGBT activist groups called for a boycott and even some left-wing politicians stated they would not allow more Chick-Fil-A stores to be open in their area. But because conservatives made a special effort to patron the franchise in the wake of the backlash the company has not seen any threat to its bottom line and has in fact expanded. Australian Conservatives could learn a lot from this.

While we should not be surprised at the left’s reaction to this reasonable video we should be better at countering their grubby tactics. So, make sure you tell Coopers not to back down, buy their products to counter this leftist boycott. Remember of course if same sex marriage is so popular and there is such societal consensus about it then why did its proponents block a public vote last year? Something tells me the supposed backlash is not as powerful as Coopers PR people now seem to think.

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