Islamic apologist Waleed Aly uses logical fallacies to deny link between refugees and terrorism


Waleed Aly has joined the leftist bandwagon in defending ASIO chief Duncan Lewis’ claims that terrorism has no link with refugees or Islam. The widely-condemned Project host attempted to counter the arguments made by Steve Price last night by stating that all terrorist attacks in Australia were carried out by men. He asked whether there is a link between being male and being terrorist.

He made a similar show of leftist mental gymnastics by asking whether child-birth and terrorism has a connection, since terrorists were born as children. This is a completely unfair and unreliable argument as it ignores the real factor that causes Islamic terrorism: Islamic migration and the presence of Islam in the West.

The simple truth is, the rise in Islamic terror attacks in the West would not have occurred if Western countries did not accept Islamic migrants and refugees. We only had to listen to the conservatives and nationalists of the day, who foretold this day would come. Our ignorance has resulted in us sinking to a level where an Islamic apologist now brainwashes Australian television viewers through the use of false, yet persuasive logic to take down opponents.

Yes, terrorist attacks in this country were committed by men. They were also human, and they were born through child birth. That does not mean we have to wage a war against men or humans or child birth, because that sort of categorisation is too broad. Why aren’t Hindu, Buddhist or Christian men carrying out similar terrorist attacks to such a level? 118 out of the 122 people in prison in Britain for terrorism-related offences were Muslim. Any person who does not see a link between Islam and terrorism has to be a special kind of stupid.

What matters is the ideology that drives men to commit such acts of violence on innocent people. People may argue that Christian men have committed attacks too, and they have. Yet Christianity does not defend them. Islam, however, does. 18,000 terrorist attacks over the past 10 years have been committed in the name of Islam, and legitimised through the use of Islamic beliefs. Other religions only occupied about a dozen such attacks.

Waleed Aly may want to deny reality through the use of logical fallacies, but the truth is clear. It is invalid to categorise terrorists based on their gender or their species. No one is saying all Muslims are responsible for terrorism. What we are saying is the Islam is a threat, and this threat can, for starters, be controlled by putting a halt on Islamic immigration. There is a connection between Islam and terrorism, as eleven out of twelve thwarted terrorist attacks in Australia, along with all four terrorist attacks committed recently, were Islamic attacks.

Another similar counter-argument given by the left is that right-wing extremists also commit a vast number of terrorist attacks, especially in America. However, right-wing terrorists are an internal problem that needs to be dealt with. Islamic terrorists, on the other hand, originate from outside of the country, and their entrance into our country depends on our immigration policy. Yes, Fascist terrorists exist, and yes, Fascism is a violent ideology just like Islam. Yet, the former is an internal problem, while the latter is an external problem that has arrived in our countries thanks to lax immigration laws. We do not want to increase the amount of violence that already takes place here, and if that means barring Muslims (and Fascists) from entering the country, then so be it.

This debate is about immigration, and it is unfair and bad form for the left to invalidate their opponents by using other demographic categorisations to analyse terrorists. This is based on ideology. Yes, Islam has a connection with violence and Fascism (which also promotes violence). And thus, as an ideology that promotes violence and has committed such a disproportionately high number of terrorist attacks, it is time to reduce is threat in our countries.

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