Catholic Schools Network Betrays Church and Students in New LGBT Indoctrination Program


It is of no surprise to the right-wing political layman that even the most revered institutions of the Western world have become victims of leftist infiltration. In this day and age, even the Catholic Church has become susceptible to its fair share of degeneracy and decline, a phenomenon that has frustrated many yet is eerily unsurprising considering the world’s leftist turn. But just when you thought our society couldn’t sink any lower a Catholic schools network has decided to create an alternative to the harmful and much criticised government run Safe Schools program in an effort to be more “inclusive” of LGBT students and their families. Just when we thought Safe Schools was on the way out this horror comes out of nowhere.

An exclusive Fairfax report has revealed that Edmund Rice Education Australia has commenced a program to train its teachers and staff on how to provide a more inclusive and safer environment for LGBT students. This program is not what we expect from a Catholic schools network, that is, helping children pursue the right path and relieve themselves from various sexual distractions that have risen through modernity. It has resorted to catering for and “helping” children as young as those in early primary school to develop a “positive self-identity” by encouraging them to give in to irrational thoughts about sexuality. We expect our children to be safe from leftist indoctrination in a school that supposedly adheres to traditional values but we are sadly wrong.

This is all in an effort to stop being “silent”, as stated by the network’s executive director, Wayne Tinsey. He might as well have said that the network was starting to become silent about the truth. While he rightly mentions that bullying, harassment and harm do not belong in Catholic schools, this plan, just like Safe Schools before it, is more than just an anti-bullying program. It’s attempts at infiltrating the minds of children as young as those in early primary schools makes clear the fact that the network has taken a dangerous step further in, intentionally or unintentionally, furthering the LGBTI agenda.

The program material also states that “Schools and teachers who address LGBTI educational issues are not advocating or promoting a homosexual agenda; they are creating a safe, caring and inclusive environment in which all students and their families can expect to be treated with dignity and respect”. It is without question that students need a safe and caring environment where dignity and respect are upheld. The problem is the so-called Catholic schools network has forsaken the values of its own religion by choosing to normalise homosexuality rather than do the right thing: showing them the right path according to Catholic traditions.

It betrays the teaching of the church and instead teaches its students to embrace their same sex attraction or gender confusion rather than providing them with the opportunity and encouragement to overcome irrational desires in favour of pursuing a path of morality. If Catholic schools are giving in to the shenanigans of the evil left, what hope is there for Western society to repel its degeneracy and restore its birth rate? What hope is there if the beauty and joy of being fruitful and multiplying are rejected in favour of illegitimate sexual distractions?

What is most disturbing in this Fairfax article is the embrace of the LGBT agenda the supposed Catholics behind this program have. Tinsey added that his Edmund Rice network had helped five transgender students in their schools’ transition. He further added that “We have had a number of same-sex attracted students at our school and have always tried hard to accommodate them’’. It is plainly clear that the proportion of LGBT people have increased, with 16.8% of high school students identifying as LGBT, a figure quoted by the Edmund Rice network. Such an increase is only possible if children are choosing to be LGBT, and Edmund Rice schools have begun to directly contribute to this.

This new approach, interestingly, is a response by these Catholic schools to the harmful material embodied in Safe Schools. Yet one look at the new alternative makes one question whether there is a difference after all. If students in early primary school are being exposed to such ideas, then might as well send children to state schools practicing the more controversial predecessor. Dr Tinsey has elaborated upon his intentions of providing a more realistic alternative to Safe Schools, yet this is not the caring and kind alternative a Catholic schools network should promote.

What appears to be even more insulting is the basis of the program on the Christian teaching that all humans are made in the image and likeness of God. This is a gross misconception of this teaching, as humans are still susceptible to unnatural cravings, which this program aims at normalising. The Bible itself states, “…sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it” (Genesis 4:7). Instead of helping students rule over their sins, Kinsey wants to help them embrace it.

Catholicism, and Christianity in general, heralds marriage as an important social institution essential for adherents to fulfil. It is embodied in the union between Adam and Eve in Genesis, and was further ratified by Jesus at the Wedding of Cana. The latest attempts of Catholic schools openly subverting and insulting this teaching is an example of society’s decline, and holds one witness to the current phenomena of the slippery slope becoming even steeper. If this program receives the blessing from the top, the true adherents of Christianity, along with all those fighting for the revival of the West’s greatness, should enhance their Crusade to save their cultures from falling in on themselves.

Tinsey claims at the end of the article that he does not expect any backlash and is consulting with Catholic bishops about sharing the resources. If he thought that fellow Catholics, parents who entrust these schools with the education and upbringing of their children, would accept this, he is seriously mistaken. If a student wants to identify as LGBT they can do so at another school, there is an endless list of them but at a Catholic school all staff and students should adhere to the Catholic doctrine. If you care for the future of your children and society, please let your local Catholic education office know that you will not stand by while your children are indoctrinated into the LGBT agenda in a place supposed to be safe from it. It is the least you can do to stop the West embroiling itself into further destruction.

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