Gillian Triggs may be gone but the Australian Human Rights Commission is still doing its best to be as divisive as possible and to accuse Australians of being inherently racist and bigoted. Rather than unite Australians of different backgrounds it appears it is more interested causing community unrest. This is when they are not busy policing free speech and demanding our border protection policies be torn down.

This is because we still have as Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane who has a history of seeing bigots everywhere and even believes you are racist if you can’t pronounce his long name. Obviously needing to justify his $300,000 a year plus salary Tim’s latest piece of work is creating a new ‘Racism. It Stops With Me’ with two Community Service Announcement commercials that will be aired on national TV (at the taxpayer expense of course).

They are truly disgusting commercials, aimed squarely at portraying white men as practitioners of causal racism on a daily basis. The first commercial shows a white man entering an elevator allowing the white blonde woman in first then he notices a woman of colour running towards the elevator and closes it promptly. The blonde woman then uses her hand to stop the elevator closing, the white man gets out and the commercial ends with both women looking at white man in disgust clearly also designed to promote the idea of the feminist sisterhood. It is a commercial which is racist it seems to stop racism.

The second commercial shows a taxi driver openly refusing to take an indigenous passenger who we learn has already been waiting a while when another white man informs the taxi driver that he was there before him. At least in the second one a white male is the role model for once. But of course neither commercial showed a white woman being a racist.

Soutphommasane in a media release stated “Racism frequently occurs at work and while people are doing everyday things such as catching a bus, riding a train, or flagging a taxi. This might come as a surprise to Australians who tend to think that racism is a thing of the past. But independent research and the experiences of many people tells us otherwise”. Not surprisingly these commercials were eagerly promoted by leftist news outlets including HuffPost Australia, BuzzFeed and Junkee.

But ordinary Australians have expressed their disgust online at these patronizing commercials. The Human Rights Commission has clearly noticed the backlash as the YouTube comments are disabled, however the ratings aren’t with the videos being given an overwhelming thumbs down by viewers.

It is interesting to note that Soutphommasane has been silent on recent public displays of actual racism which have occurred with ethnic campaigners for traditional marriage have been racially abused by Yes supporters.

Contrary to what Tim Soutphommasane believes everyday racism is not tolerated in Australian society. You only have to look at how a racist abuser on public transport is shouted down by other passengers and filmed, shamed and condemned on social media and in news commentary. Social justice warriors because they can’t find much actual racism to complain about have promoted this concept of inherent or subliminal racism which claims we practice racism everyday and we don’t even know it.

This anti-racism campaign is run by the Human Rights Commission every year with a previous campaign featuring perpectual victim Adam Goodes. There is nothing more insulting to Australians that a government body telling them how apparently awful they are and they need big government to correct their ignorant ways.

This should be another wake up call to Turnbull Government that the Human Rights Commission is an organisation not contributing to a more cohesive Australia. But given that they coward out of appointing an actual defender of Human Rights as the new President don’t expect them to reign in the excesses of the Commission such as this new campaign.


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