Often it is the industries and cultural institutions that preach diversity and inclusion the loudest that are accused by the left of lacking such. This is no truer than Hollywood whose films preach the left’s politics and whose awards ceremonies are full of virtue signalling acceptance speeches.

But of course, this is not good enough for the left and social justice warriors and Hollywood has been in their sights for many years. This began with the 2015 Academy Awards which were accused of a lack of racial diversity in their Oscar nominees which led to the twitter hashtag #OscarsSoWhite.

Then there was the outcry about a supposed gender wage gap in Hollywood when the North Korean Sony hack revealed Jennifer Lawrence was paid less than her male co-stars in the film American Hustle. Of course, actresses earning not enough millions is certainly a cause that should be championed by feminists.

But given the revelations this year about Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of women in the film industry which had the flow on effect of revealing other Hollywood figures mistreatment of women maybe Hollywood is sexist?

Now the latest outrage in Hollywood has again centred on race. The outrage is directed at the Golden Globe Awards from omitting the film Girls Trip from its nominations which features an all-black cast.

But this outrage is not directed at a lack of racial diversity in the award nominees itself, as other black actors have been nominated. Because Girls Trip is a feel-good movie the accusation is that Hollywood only rewards black films which portray suffering. So, the accusation at Hollywood is now that they only enjoy black films if they portray blacks as slaves, in poverty or in gangs.

It is really stretching the accusation of racism when you accuse people of not liking the right black films. Plus, just because this film hasn’t received any Golden Globe award nominations does not mean it has been ignored. It has been praised by film critics and has racked in $138 million at the box office from a budget of $27 million. Sounds like a lot of people liked this movie about a group of African-American girls enjoying themselves.

Rather than focusing on some film not apparently receiving enough award nominations can we save accusations of racism for when they are really warranted, when there are actual cases of racial discrimination and violence. The entertainment industry produces millions of dollars of African-American content, I’m not sure what else it has to do to please these social justice and racial advocates?

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