We’d like to wish our readers in the United Kingdom a happy UKIP Day. 12 months ago today the British people voted to unshackle themselves from the tyranny, the bureaucracy and loss of sovereignty that being in the European Union had brought them. Despite the political establishment, big business and cultural elites all behind the remain campaign the British people chose to reclaim their own destiny and in turn demonstrate that anything was possible with people power. Having the vote could also not have occurred without the sterling leadership of Nigel Farage electoral success of the United Kingdom Independence Party which put pressure on a soft Conservative government which was losing votes on its right flank.

One year on the United Kingdom is still in a very dark place with regular Islamic terror attacks as well as other tragedies. The political leadership still will not listen to the people and the borders still remain open for anyone to come in. The Brexit negotiations have now started and a hard Brexit still needs to be achieved. But this was still an important achievement by the British people, it was an event which sent shivers down the spine of the elites that they didn’t have the control over the people they though they had. Enjoy your Independence Day, despite the current troubles your Kingdom will still be a better place in the long run thanks to votes you cast a year ago today.

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