Hang the Tories Banner Another Reminder of the Totalitarian Left

If you want to an idea about what a society run by the far left would look like you only have to look at their own description about what they would like to do to their enemies. This was on display again with a disgusting banner unfurled in Manchester in the United Kingdom on footbridge in Salford which simply read ‘Hang the Tories’. To add to this vile act at either end of the banner there were two human effigies dangling from their necks.

This sick stunt was carried out to coincide with the annual Conservative Party conference being held in Manchester this weekend. So far nobody has claimed responsibility and no link has been established to the People’s Assembly Against Austerity who are leading the protests against Conservatives this weekend. Thankfully it was condemned by several Labour MPs and police are investigating.

But someone went to all the effort to create and display such a banner, and it is fair to assume that if they are willing to go to this much effort while just an ordinary citizen then they would have no hesitation in actually hanging Tories if they did heaven help us reach a position of power.

Of course nobody should view this banner as an isolated incident. In Australia in response to the first Coalition budget in 2014 the Socialist Alternative released a newspaper cover with Tony Abbott’s throat being cut with the headline ‘One cut we’d like to see’. They begrudgingly withdrew the cover.

Leftist groups don’t just talk about engaging in violence against their enemies, they carry it out at  any opportunity they get. You only have to look at when a patriot or nationalist group wants to hold a rally they stage a violent counter protest and are thankfully restrained by a heavy police presence. They also celebrate laws against free speech which punish their enemies.

You can only imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed, if conservatives unfurled a banner which said ‘hang the gays’ or ‘hang the Muslims. Leftists would demand it be a national security incident and would claim that all conservatives were responsible for such a heinous act of hate.

But the most likely outcome is that totalitarian left’s campaign against the UK Conservative government will not be damaged, they will still get positive press coverage, this is despite the fact the Conservatives won this year’s general election with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party and has a mandate to carry out its economic agenda. But then again these leftists have never respected democracy, liberty, freedom and as we have seen with this banner human rights.


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