Canadian internet television host Gavin McInnes will tour Australia in November. McInnes is the latest international conservative personality to tour Australia in the past year. McInnes was one of the founders of Vice Media in 1990s but left as his views become more conservative. He hosted the Gavin McIness Show on Compound Media and How’s it Goin’ Eh? on Rebel Media. He now hosts Get Off My Lawn and CRTV Tonight on new internet television platform CRTV. In 2016 he founded the fraternal men’s organisation the Proud Boys which has chapters throughout the western world including in Australia.

This past year Australia has seen visit Milo Yiannopoulos, Dr Jordan Peterson, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Douglas Murray and later this year Nigel Farage, Ann Coulter and Milo again. The number of right wing personalities coming to Australia has demonstrated that Australians are craving for people to stand up for free speech and in the culture wars given the stifling of debate and control the left have in this country.

Australia’s mainstream media will most likely treat McInnes in same manner it has treated the other personalities to visit Australia calling them far-right provocateurs.

Gavin McInnes’ tour is being hosted by the Penthouse brand which is the same one which hosted Milo Yiannopoulos last Australian tour and is headed by promoters Damien Costas and Max Markson. McInnes will be visiting Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Sydney in early November. The tour website offers a VIP meet and greet, backstage passes and an intimate private dinner.

Despite the fact McInnes identifies as alt-lite and rejects racism and white nationalism his tour is still likely to be the subject of protests, particularly in Melbourne by the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and local Antifa groups. As such the venues will be kept secret until as late as possible. But it would appear these protests and threats from the left in response to these tours has not prevented them from being a success as promoters are still eager to bring similar personalities out.

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