Fraser Anning Booted from Katter’s Australian Party


Senator Fraser Anning has been booted from Katter’s Australian Party in a statement from Party President Shane Paulger read out by federal leader Bob Katter.

The statement said the reason for the party disendorsing Senator Anning as their candidate for the Queensland Senate next election was his refusal to stop referring to European and non-European migration in his statements. It said the Katter Party was an “anti-racist” party and that Senator Anning’s language was “clear racist”. Bob Katter mentioned the party was in favour of Filipino and Sikh migration as they were persecuted peoples.

While the party agreed with 99% of Senator Anning’s views the party had come to the decision that 1% of his views were unacceptable and hence they needed to part ways. Bob Katter said he still considered Fraser Anning a friend and wished him all the best for the future

Anning had apparently ignored repeated warnings about referencing race in his statements. Late last week the party executive had a meeting to discuss Senator Anning’s future following his failed immigration plebiscite bill in the Senate which aimed to give the Australian people a vote on which nations people could migrate to Australia from.

Fraser Anning joined Katter’s Australian Party in June this year before his controversial maiden speech which was originally defended by Bob Katter. Anning was first elected as a One Nation Senator November 2017 to replace Malcolm Roberts who was ruled ineligible by the High Court due to dual citizenship.

Anning’s departure from the Katter Australian Party leaves him without a party with his Senate term due to expire in June 2019. Despite the condemnation Anning has received from the media and other politicians he has gained a significant nationalist following in the months following his maiden speech.

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