FACT CHECK: Did Maxine Waters blame “inaction on climate and healthcare” for London attacks? No.


A screenshot is circulating around social media that allegedly shows a tweet made by Democratic Representative Maxine Waters where she blames “our inaction on climate and healthcare” for motivating yesterday’s terror attacks in London. The tweet says:

“Please pray for the safety of our Muslim brothers and sisters in #London. Our inaction on climate change and healthcare has pushed them to this”.

While Maxine Waters is undoubtedly eligible for the top prize as a regressive leftist for her idiotic words and actions, this time she is not guilty. Maxine Waters might be a climate change shill, but she did not tweet those pathetic statements (although she may agree with it).

The tweet was created by a fake account that contains the same name and profile picture as Maxine Water’s legitimate Twitter account. However, the difference is easy to miss. The Twitter username of the original account is “@MaxineWaters”, while the fake account says “@MaxineVVaters” with two V’s instead of a W.

Fake news is mainly a problem we see with the left, which heightened when the MSM shilled for Hillary in an unsuccessful bid to get her the Presidency. However, it does exist among the right too, as we have seen with this particular account intended to mislead people on what politicians say.

The right, in order to remain honourable and righteous, cannot resort to the use of fake news like the left. More importantly, we cannot fall for it. It will backfire, as it did for the left.

The truth works for us. We achieve victory through the use of the truth, and that is a major tenet that differentiates us from the left. Trump won because of the truth that revealed Hillary’s dark inner identity, and Brexit emerged victorious thanks to the truth regarding the regressive and evil nature of the EU. Thus, it is the truth that can help us win. We do not need to resort to sharing fake news to smear our enemies.

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