Hanson Reaffirms Immigration Position. Shorten Calls Her “Disgusting”

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After yet another Islamic terror attack in the west, proper right wing politicians and commentators have renewed their calls for the West to implement the only solution which will halt a further increase in attacks, a ban on Muslim immigration.

Pauline Hanson was one of them urging Australia to stop Muslim immigration before our Muslim population reaches 5% as it has in the UK.

Of course the reaction of our political leaders and commentators has been to condemn Pauline Hanson for allegedly exploiting the London attack for political advantage, as if to say she is happy that British people are dead. Bill Shorten said Hanson’s comments were “disgusting” and urged Australians to ”stick together” claiming “The exact win for terrorists and violent criminals is when they see communities start to fray and become suspicious of others” and that counter terrorism is not something to pay politics with. Penny Wong told Sky News that Hanson’s position was “irresponsible” and “crass”. It is interesting that the left are allowed to exploit tragedies for their own political advantages, yet the right are forbidden from offering any solutions to tragedies that the left doesn’t like.

Hanson was swift to respond to Shorten.

Turnbull has yet to respond to Hanson’s comments directly, but he has previously decried Hanson’s proposed Muslim immigration ban. Instead he just expressed his condolences and solidarity with people of Britain (as if that will help the dead).

US President Donald Trump also pointed out that the attack in London is why activist judges should stop blocking his travel ban.

It is a sad state of affairs that those who are proposing a solution the relentless barrage of terror attacks in the West are instead mercilessly mocked by our political leaders and by commentators on our major TV networks. Makes you wonder if they will ever get the message.





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