Time for Discussion on Islamic Terrorism is Over, Action is What is Needed


Yet again Australians woke to the news that an Islamic terror attack has wreaked havoc in an already vulnerable Western nation. Again it was in England, where a van rammed into pedestrians on the London Bridge, with the occupants of the van jumping out before stabbing several people. They then drove to the Borough Market where they stabbed more people. It was confirmed as an Islamist attack as one of the stabbers said, “this is for Allah” before all three were shot dead by police. Six people have been murdered and 30 are injured.

This is the second Islamist terror attack in two weeks in England after the deadly Manchester Arena bombing which killed 22 and injured over 100. These attacks have occurred over the Islamic holy period of Ramadan, which in modern times has now become a period of Islamic terror. The attacks have also occurred while Britain is the middle of an important general election.

By now the leftist reaction to such Islamic terror attacks has been widely mocked. The hashtags #prayforwhatevercity and #notallmuslims or #loveislove are now being criticised and condemned for their superficiality and ignorance. Changing your Facebook profile picture to the flag of wherever nation the attack occurred is also facing a similar treatment. By now we don’t expect leftists to change their reactions after every attack, including Labor Senator Sam Dastyari who was meters away from the latest terror attack, while in London he also posed for a photo with a Mayor who was famous for saying terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in a big city, not a phot that was well timed.

But this type of virtue signalling has now been replaced by another type, and the guilty party is now people who are politically more moderately right-wing, and are only starting to realise the impact Islam is having on the world. There are now the endless articles and social media posts saying we need to have a serious conversation about Islam, that we need to realize that Islam is now the root cause of these attacks.

Yes, it is great that you have now realized that Islam is now the cause of the attack, however when it comes to proposing a serious solution, these posts are exposed as nothing more than virtue signalling. It’s too late for talk, and the time for action is here. I have proposed to many of these people why not consider a Muslim ban, but this is met with scorn and they say we could not possibly consider such an extreme reaction. It would appear all these people want to do is say ‘naughty Muslims, stop doing this and tell your followers no more terrorism’. It is as weak as any response from the left.

It never occurs to these people that endless amounts of money have been spent on counter terrorism measures, including on intelligence agencies, deradicalization programs and outreach to the Muslim community. Yet these attacks keep occurring and in greater frequency. Yet a ban on Muslim immigration into western nations is dare not considered by anyone located at or to the left of the spectrum’s centre-right. You only had to look at the way Pauline Hanson was mocked after the Westminster terror attack by her repeated call for a Muslim ban to see how this proposal is treated.

An argument opposing the Muslim ban is the fact that many terrorist attacks are home-grown. Let us remember that these people themselves have migrant or refugee origins, and would not have wreaked such havoc if only we listened to the conservatives and nationalists of the day who warned us against taking in Islamic migrants. Of course, in order to reach the moral high-ground, a Muslim ban must be met with an end to intervention in the Middle East, which is another cause of anti-Western terrorism. Western leaders are now at least beginning to realise the folly of Middle Eastern nation building.

We agree that this won’t be a clear cut solution, as the effort to defeat ISIS is more than enough to anger many Muslims. This is why a Muslim ban is crucial to improve the safety and security of our people. Our opponents’ argument that Western intervention is solely responsible for Islamic terrorism is invalidated by the fact that Muslims have declared war against countries like India and the Philippines too. Islamic extremists are angered by anything, and thus an end to intervention constitutes only a fraction of the solution.

The left may not care about the safety of their own people, yet there is an endless parade of people now correctly identifying Islam as the cause of these attacks. However, they too are gutless to propose a decent solution. They claim that we should not treat all Muslims as terrorists and we must not alienate the ones that are already here. But why are we obliged to continue to accept Muslim immigration into our country? Plus are they also implying we shouldn’t make Muslims angry or they’ll attack as more?

Japan is a country which has very strict immigration control yet they have no problem with radical Islam, hardly a coincidence. Donald Trump is the only world leader with the courage to attempt to implement a Muslim ban by restricting travel to the United States from nations with a history of Islamic terrorism. He was thwarted by activist judges and of course there was no shortage of alleged right-wing commentators criticizing it.

The time for more discussions about Islam is over, talking about Islam openly won’t stop ever more constant Islamic terror attack. Talk is cheap, action is what will stop innocent people being run down, shot or blown up by Islamists. If you want serious action the only policy action, which has not been tried, but will stop the increase in the risk of Islamic terror, is a ban on Islamic immigration to western countries. The security of the people of West is more important that the feelings of Muslims. People on the right need to understand this too.


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