Facebook Pages of Lads Society, Avi Yemini and Nationalist Uprising Disappear


Following the disappearance of the Facebook pages of Future Now Australia the social media giant has once again come for Avi Yemini, whose page is no longer visible when searched on the platform. Yemini was on this third Facebook page after the previous two met the same fate.

It is believed that the “Zuccing” of the page was a response for Yemini’s expose of US based Australian comedian Jim Jeffries, who he set up with a hidden camera, revealing his obviously misleading editing of an interview with the Jewish Australian Activist.

Avi has stated that he will not be creating another Facebook account and has voiced his confidence in TR News, his latest venture with English activist Tommy Robinson.

The Australian nationalist organisation known as Lads Society has also had their page unpublished. This came shortly after they issued a public statement insinuating that they were cooperating with bodies such as ASIO who came to them for answers to questions around the New Zealand Mosque Shooting carried out by Australian ethno-nationalist Brenton Tarant.

Lads have also repeatedly stated that their organisation is not interested in political violence. Therefore, reasons for losing their page may be purely motivated by a left-wing agenda to oppose the freedom to express alternate ideas.

You can view their full statement below:

Media Release 20 MAR 19 Thomas Sewell on behalf of Lads Society

“Yesterday Lads Society leaders from across the nation met with ASIO and State Police services to discuss the recent events in Christchurch involving Brenton Tarrant. ASIO has requested that the context and discussion remain private.

“Unlike our current government which operates in secrecy whilst simultaneously providing the media with vague statements of “monitoring groups” including our own, in order to give the press its ammunition to further smear our community, we operate on a basis of transparency in order to set the record straight.

“The context of the meetings were for ASIO and state services to ask for our insight into the motivations of Brenton Tarrant and how they can assist us in ensuring our lawful community organisation can succeed and grow in order to prevent further isolation, radicalisation and potentially any future politically motivated violence.

“As National leader of this organisation I asked the federal officers why they would be asking myself that question, when Brenton Tarrant already answered all possible questions regarding his motivations in his 74 page manifesto. Both officers looked blankly and after further interrogation admitted that neither had read his manifesto. Take from this what you will.

“Politically motivated violence is not in the interest of our organisation or our community. Our mission is to create a community organisation of European descended Australians who identify as such, in order to preserve and grow our culture and legacy on this land. Our current objectives include running programs and services that bring benefits to what we define as our community, such as but not limited to job networking, physical health, mental health, skill education seminars, mentoring and community assistance. Our future objectives include but are not limited to child and family services, education, business, commercial and residential property, food supply, industry and more.

“It is our belief that the Corporate Media out of convenience and greed, the Intelligence agencies out of laziness, the “Academics” out of ignorance and the policy makers in Government out of pragmatism and a short term policy mindset have an agenda to associate our organisation and organisations similar to ours with politically motivated violence for the purpose of “Proscribing” us, pushing new anti-association laws and therefore using our purging as a scapegoat to ensure a perceived successful response to present to the public a false sense of resolution and therefore safety and that the Government and its corporate and bureaucratic agencies have done their job, which they have not.

“Lastly, Brenton Tarrant stated that he did not belong to any group and that he acted alone. The more the media smears the groups trying to bring about positive social change via guilt by association, the more it isolates individuals into not wanting to be part of said groups where hope and clear goals are given as to a peaceful solution being achievable. Attempting in any way to break apart or prevent our lawful and moral objectives will only result in other alternatives. Always ask; Cui bono…”

A third page has been taken down “Nationalist Uprising” created by patriot activist Neil Erikson just over an hour ago. Erikson’s own Facebook page has been deleted last month. The page had over 70,000 followers.

The Unshackled has been named the “Go-To media outlet for much of Australia’s far right,” in an article by Fairfax. Another Australian alt-media outlet XYZ has also been hit with the “Far Right” label.


There is a very high chance that our Facebook page with over 20000 followers will end up becoming unpublished, so we have begun to establish ourselves on Gab.ai. Patriots such as Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson have recently began building up followings on the platform which promises to be a “free speech” version of Twitter which Cottrell and Erikson were recently banned from. We encourage all of our subscribers to follow us onto Gab.ai as Facebook continues to crack down on free speech everywhere.

What are your thoughts on the continuing attacks on free speech by corporate monopolies such as Facebook? Do you still trust the platform, or will you be moving to Gab.ai like so many others?

Let us know in the comments.

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