Egg Boy Vs John Murphy- Different Reactions to Political Violence


This is not a clickbait article. It aims to raise serious questions about our society and wants to encourage contemplation and conversation around contradictions and what some are calling “hypocrisy” in the wake of two very similar acts of political violence. Read and always think for yourself.

John Murphy, for those that don’t know, is a 31-year-old Brexit
supporter who has been jailed for 21 days for cracking an egg on the side of British
Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s head during a public meeting at London’s
Finsbury Park on March 3. He engaged in a despicable act of political violence
to communicate a pro-Brexit message, which has been roundly denounced by all
sides of media.

Will Connolly, also known as ‘Egg Boy’, egged Australian
Senator Fraser Anning during a press conference at a Melbourne meeting of his
new party. This action divided the nation, with some supporting the actions while
others condemned it. Notable supporters of Egg Boy included Greens Senator Sarah
Hanson-Young who called Connolly a “hero” in a now deleted Tweet.

What cannot be disputed is that both what John Murphy and Will
Connolly have in common, is engaging in a calculated, motivated and a grossly destructive
form of political violence. They come from different sides of politics but have
both been treated very differently.

Compare the pair:

Egg Boy John Murphy
LAW: Released without charge over the Fraser Anning incident.   LAW: Murphy has faced the full force of the law. Has been sentenced to jail for 21 days.
The media and politicians blanket blamed Senator Anning and his supporters for having the meeting in Melbourne, and some media, without comment at the time argued that it was in reaction to Anning’s Christchurch massacres statement.  
Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot argued that “An attack like this is an attack on our democratic process.”  
Approval from most media and political elites.  Sarah Hanson Young used the word “hero”. General approval with the concept of attacking someone they don’t agree with.  
Worldwide condemnation. Most actors and commentators on both sides agreed that this action was terrible.    
MEDIA REACTIONS: Generally positive. Most hailing as a hero, or at “least someone with courage that has the right to stand up for what he believes in”. Made up plenty of excuses and in some cases framed the event in a positive light.   MEDIA REACTIONS: Rightly Negative. Mainly objective accounts. Story flow- Man physically assaults politician > legal proceeding follows> goes to jail. 
Offers of gifts such as a Ferrari and a 5-star holiday in Turkey, marriage proposals, condoning any form of political violence. Raised 80k so far for himself which he has decided to donate to Christchurch victims. 
Rightly Negative. Most of the public agree that the man should be jailed for the assault.   Man not paraded through media as a hero. No gifts or offers of praise were reported.  A few Twitter trolls supported the actions.  

Again, this is not a clickbait piece. This is to demonstrate
that the leftist media and the elite class are reacting differently to the same
scenario. Some will say that “age” is the reason for this apparent cause of inconsistency,
if it is, then we are yet to hear how that is a real argument. School children
are suspended for egging.

Regardless, we want to know what you think about it. Let us
know in the comments, and share this around.

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