BREAKING: Pickup Truck Plows Into Crowd at New Orleans Mardi Gras


A pick up truck has plowed into a crowd at New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations injuring 28 people, no fatalities have been reported at this stage. CNN has claimed that this is not a terrorist related incident and a source from the ground has claimed that the perpetrator is in custody and appears to be a drunk driver who had already crashed into several cars.

However regardless of the motive this incident follows a scarily familiar pattern of cars and trucks plowing into busy city streets and cultural events. Last year we saw the Nice truck terrorist attack and the Christmas Berlin market terrorist attack. This year Australia witnessed the Bourke Street car attack in Melbourne which killed 6 people and injured 20.

Terrorist related or not these vehicle attacks worldwide are a frightening development and it is clear that deranged people are viewing crowded public places as easy targets to inflict harm on countless innocent citizens. It is clear that authorities throughout the western world need to have better procedures in place to stop the rising occurrence of these attacks.

This is a breaking story, more details are still yet to be confirmed.

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