Leftists are a violent bunch of dirty vicious animals. They have no values or standards. They claim to be pro freedom of speech, unless you disagree with them. Then violence is acceptable. They claim to be pro women, but then any woman who goes against leftist indoctrination, the left leaves their most vicious attacks for them.

It happened to me on the weekend, I was attacked on 5 separate occasions on the weekend quite viciously, they threw bricks at us, they charged at us, they tried to destroy our property. And they are the same worldwide, be it in America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia or anywhere else where freedom exists.

This is what pisses me off about discourse now. We can no longer have civil discourse anymore. Newsflash lefties, violence is NOT AN ARGUMENT! And the more violence that occurs, the less discourse that can occur. The more violence that is used the greater the response must be.

This is getting to dangerous levels and it isn’t a game anymore, this is serious. The left isn’t playing around anymore, they are openly declaring war on nations. Pick your side. Be with freedom, or be with the commies, but just know that eventually when you disagree with the psychotics on the left, they attack and destroy you. You will only have yourselves to blame.

The left will escalate until dealt with. They tried to poison Roger Stone, they tried to use butane gas an entire event through the HVAC system and would have succeeded if it wasn’t for James O’Keeffe. They threw bricks and attacked the right viciously and violently. Assassinations, terrorism, assaults, outright murder. The left will use whatever it takes to achieve power. Because that’s all they care about, power.

The reason they have such a hatred of Trump, is they are losing the grip on the culture, not just the politics. It’s why the hatred of Trump is so intense.

The left does collectives, they talk about “Taxing the rich” as if it’s one collective. They talk about “minorities” and all other oppressed groups so they can’t hold entire groups to standards. Then when the collective of the left, which in many countries do the exact same thing, be it small scale in New Zealand with just a few hundred people or large scale in America, exempt themselves from the standards that they set.

Which of course is a leftist tactic, they have no standards, they just impose standards on others because they know that we have standards. The left just does whatever is required to win.

Which is the entire point of this article. Only the fact is that the people have figured it out, and now the left is becoming increasingly violent, because they are becoming increasingly unpopular.

Support for leftist ideals such as globalism is dying, political correctness is dying, the nanny state is dying. Freedom and individual responsibility and the belief in national sovereignty is winning worldwide.


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