BREAKING: Leftists Disrupt the National Press Club

Leftists it seems cannot make an argument, only yell abuse. They have done this once again, interrupting Education Minister’s Simon Birmingham’s address to the National Press Club. Clearly triggered by the recent changes to higher education funding announced on Monday, they chanted the tired old line ‘no cuts, no fees, no corporate universities’. Security it appeared was lacking as one protestor was able rush to the stage and appeared to throw a piece of paper at Birmingham before security finally got a hold of him. Thankfully this protestor was not as violent as some have been in the past as those watching might have feared for Birmingham’s safety.

It remains to be seen how these protestors were able to attend though given the leftist leaning of many press gallery journalists one of them could be responsible. Thankfully the National Press Club cut the feed as soon as possible and the Minister has now resumed his speech appearing unflustered. There should be an investigation into how another high profile event featuring a politician was allowed to be disrupted. Last year we saw Malcolm Turnbull’s speech at an economic forum interrupted last year by refugee activists, and Parliament itself was interrupted last year by another set of refugee activists. The left it seems cannot engage in a civil and respectful debate

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