If anyone still believes the caricature that was created about the alt-right community being mindless cheerleaders for anything Trump does, then the past 24 hours following Trump’s decision to bomb Syria should have shattered this false perception. Contrary to what people assume the alt-right’s politics actually have firm principles underlying them and are willing to call out political leaders who fail to live up to them, even if they are Donald Trump. Even though their condemnation of Trump has earned them criticism from both the left and the right and has cost them supporters and friends, it is more important to stand up for what is right, not just cheer on your side of politics.

The voices of condemnation of Trump from the alt-right include many of his most enthusiastic supporters such as Ann Coulter, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux and Richard Spencer. In fact, the only one to follow Trump down this path was the already on the nose commentator Tomi Lahren.

This is not an easy thing for these commentators to do given that they will lose a significant part of their audience and therefore cost them income and influence. But in politics principles are everything, they are the reason you get involved in the first place and without them you are nothing more than a hack and power player.

The alt-right knows the dire consequences Trump’s reversal of his position on Syria will bring. It will result in the empowerment of ISIS in the Middle East which will in turn create more refugees flowing into the west. It will cost countless more lives, waste billions of dollars of our money and could potentially provoke a deadly confrontation with Russia.

None of us know exactly how Trump came to suddenly reverse his long-held position on Syria and Middle Eastern intervention. There are dozens of theories circulating: the pressure of the US neoconservatives becoming too much, the fake intelligence that was put in front of him which blamed Assad for the chemical weapons attack, perhaps he was tired of being accused of being a Russian agent, it has even been speculated that it was his daughter Ivanka who persuaded him. It appears to be totally out of character from the Trump we thought we knew.

You only have to look at the people supporting these airstrikes to know that Trump has made the wrong decision. These include Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the entire mainstream media, the people who have led us into previous Middle Eastern disasters in Iraq and Libya.

Many of the left have been saying to the alt-right where’s your God Emperor now? We never said he was perfect so as such we have done the right thing and condemned his actions, but of course nothing we do could please you. Plus, we still maintain that Trump was the better choice in the election as with Hillary we were definitely guaranteed war and destruction. Plus, Trump’s domestic policies on energy, tax, immigration and the economy are still far superior to anything the Democrats had to offer.

It is worth also worth noting that the real mindless cheerleaders are the left who completely ignored Obama’s acts of aggression overseas for 8 years and begged him for intervention in both Libya and Syria. Some of them who are condemning Trump’s actions now and putting on their anti-war hats again have really got a nerve.

Some on the alt-right are still hoping that there is some secret strategy behind Trump’s actions and he will not further set the wheels in motion for yet another war. But the signs currently are not good. We feel let down, but we will not be deterred from advocating what is right and what is in the best interests of our society. The movement is bigger than Trump and our principles will never be compromised.


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