Antifa Sydney Website Turned to Private

The Antifascist Action Sydney website whose purpose was to dox and shame alleged fascists in Australia has been turned to private. When one visits the site they are greeted by the following message.

It was never a proper website with its own domain and hosting which it seems the publishers of the site could not afford, instead it was operated on a wordpress account. As you can see above not only do you need a WordPress account to access the site but you need permission from the site owner to then access it.

One is left to wonder what is the point of doxxing people if members of the public cannot access it? There are several reasons speculated as to why the site was turned to private.

They had a comments section on the website, as the site become more infamous and came to be seen as a badge of honour by the people listed on the website perhaps they got too many critical comments and could not handle it. However their Facebook page is still active and has regular posts.

Another reason is that the alleged operate of the site Joseph Daniel Trotter was doxxed himself, this included the setting up of a fake Facebook page in his name which claimed responsibility for the website.

This Facebook page also links to an article published on the Party for Freedom website which lists his criminal activity, in 2016 as he was given a 12-month good behaviour bond after being convicted of common assault for attacking attendees at an anti-halal rally in 2015.

It would appear these Antifa activists can dish it out but cannot take when their targets fight back, so they have turned their website into another safe space for themselves. Imagine if we made the Unshackled private because of a few mean comments or when we were doxxed by Antifa Sydney.

This bizarre action by Antifa Sydney should be seen as a sign that they are in retract as their actions come under closer scrutiny. At least in Sydney, in other cities such as Melbourne the activities of Antifa and other groups associated with them is a whole other story.


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