This Michelle Obama speech captures the blatant ignorance of the regressive left


It was at a Clinton campaign event in Philadelphia where Michelle Obama gave her flagship feel good, left wing speech to an inherently blind and left wing audience. “We need an adult in the White House,” said the First Lady. And it is this comment that caught my attention. I find it very interesting that she finds a compulsive liar to be an “adult”. A liar who flip-flopped from opposing gay marriage to supporting it, from supporting a “barrier” to keep out illegal immigrants to opposing it. I also found it surprising that she thinks its “cruel and insulting” to criticise a beauty queen for her unwise eating habits. But let’s not forget that she is wife to a President under whose leadership race relations in the United States soured. The divisiveness of his social justice agenda, exacerbated by the Black Lives Matter movement, was explicit in the riots and civil unrest that occurred since recently. But Michelle Obama, as patriotic and faithful to her country as she pretends to be, resorted to the usual regurgitation of empty accusations and insolent criticisms against her opponent that actually end up supporting him in the end.

Michelle Obama commenced her virtue signalling by going off at Trump for his supposed tax avoidance. Apparently, it’s  I’ll have her, and everyone, know that the past upholds Donald Trump’s record as a law abiding citizen of the United States, unlike Hillary. During the 1st Presidential Debate, where Lester Holt swung six follow up questions at Trump and none at Hillary, the latter blamed the former for avoiding tax. Our Truth Meter, as well as PolitiFact, debunked this accusation as a flagrant lie. The record shows that Trump did indeed pay his taxes, except for two years where he was tax exempt due to incurring losses. However, he paid his fair share, as the greedy left shamelessly calls it, for three of the five years that show his tax paying record. But that doesn’t matter for morally superior Michelle, because she would rather flaunt her ignorance by attacking Donald for something he didn’t do and continue to mislead American people rather than expose herself to the truth.

Mrs Obama also blamed Trump for thinking that “it’s good business when people lose their homes”. This was most likely based on the highly triggering comment made by Trump where he considered the global financial crisis as having good business opportunities. Is there a problem with thinking that? I understand it was a crisis (brought about by greater economic regulations by an incompetent left-wing government, but don’t tell them I said that), but it also heralded various economic opportunities. The innovative concept of the sharing economy had its popularity and utility boosted by the financial crisis. But that’s fine. Let’s use misleading rhetoric to randomly blame a successful businessman for being astute and well-informed. It’s obviously better than criticising and bringing to justice an individual for her crimes against humanity through her contributions to the expansion of ISIS.

The First Lady’s ignorance was nowhere more profound than when she blamed Trump for inciting “hurtful, deceitful questions deliberately designed to undermine his presidency”. This is, in my opinion, the epitome of her speech, the jewel in the crown. I hope she knows that she is responsible for spreading lies and malice against a man who is only trying to preserve the integrity, or what’s left of it, in American politics. It was the Clinton camp that raised the issue of Obama’s birthplace. Birtherism, as it is called, has its origins among a circle of Hillary supporters during the 2008 election campaign. Our Truth Meter already covered this. It was the Clinton campaign that started to question the legitimacy of Obama, with Clinton’s chief political strategist, Mark Penn, scrutinising the “lack of American roots” of a candidate who “is not at his center fundamentally American”. To make it worse, it was the Clinton campaign that began distributing images of Obama in traditional Somali attire to further fuel this conspiracy. Yet, Michelle Obama has the nerve to blame Trump for focusing on the birther conspiracy instead of bringing justice to its actual source.

However, she continues to exhibit her support for Hillary Clinton, despite her campaign’s role in the dissemination of the birther conspiracy. The sheer audacity of Michelle Obama’s actions is blatantly visible in her endorsing of the very side that spread “hurtful, deceitful questions” about her husband. And yet, there she is, undermining the credibility of herself and her husband, the President of the United States, by ignoring the truth and dwelling on lies spread by Clinton. It only serves to further bolster Trump’s standing. And I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all. Donald Trump is a noble individual campaigning on the leading edge of this war against the regressive left. Michelle Obama once said “When they go low, we go high”. She’s correct. When she goes low, by supporting the woman responsible for the current state of the Middle East today, the woman who spread conspiracies against Barack Obama, and by dwelling on lies, Trump goes high.

“We need an adult in the White House” she said. And I couldn’t agree more. We do need an adult in the White House. We need Donald Trump in the White House. We need Donald Trump to help us win the war against the left, whose goal is to lay waste upon what our ancestors built, to forget our heritage and to destroy the foundations of Western society. We need Donald Trump to make America great again.

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