Lester Holt was the Moderator because the Democratic Party put him there


Yet again the corruption rampant within the Democratic Party was made clear by its collusion with NBC in order to place a favourable Moderator in the first debate. The donor list released by the party, just before the debate, lists Comcast as having donated just over $5.6 million. Comcast is the owner of NBC.

The fact that Comcast, who owns Lester’s employer, provided millions of dollars in donations to the Democrats is a perfect representation of the mainstream media’s lack of integrity and honour. Comcast is a primary example of a crony capitalist corporation spending millions on lobbying politicians for local cable monopolies. Never mind it has one of the worst customer satisfaction ratings in the US. It is clear that Lester Holt was indeed placed as Moderator to benefit Hillary Clinton. It all makes sense. Why else would the so-called Moderator focus on superficial issues and steer the debate in Clinton’s favour?

Holt’s outrageously unfair treatment of Trump in the debate drew a wide reaction from the public. At least 6 follow up questions were hurled at Trump, with none given to Clinton, with Trump interrupted by the puppet Moderator at least 41 times. Holt further made evident his favourable treatment of Clinton by focusing on issues such as birtherism and Trump’s comments regarding a certain Ms Universe, while giving no heed to Clinton’s email scandals, the widely publicised revelation of those emails by Wikileaks, or Benghazi.

This news comes after a major conspiracy that suggested Clinton sent hand signals to Holt in order to manipulate the direction of the debate. Was it a conspiracy? Or was it something more? The notion that it was probably something much more is supported by the blatant corruption and shameless collusion between the Democratic Party and Comcast.

More and more of humanity is getting disillusioned by the mainstream media for its lies, bias, and superficial coverage of current issues. Now, it’s clear that corruption within the media will further guarantee the mainstream media’s downfall.

Source: http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/forms/C00572958/1101373/sa/ALL

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