The False Gods of Equality, Diversity, Inclusiveness and Tolerance


Increasingly the West is becoming more post-modernist. This is leading to an abandonment of rational thinking, shared objective standards and truth and us entering a post-truth culture which stands on appeal to feelings, rights and equality.

People can now identify as whatever they like which contradicts science and rational thinking and has the full backing of the government and the new medicine and scientific bodies. People today believe they have the right and entitlement to whatever they want, but any of that is challenged, even if truthful, it is deemed offensive and hateful.

Social justice warriors judge according to skin colour and gender. Women are always victims and blacks cannot succeed without special treatment. Identity politics is poison. You only had to look at the CHAZ/CHOP to see how a society run by such ideas leads to violence, destruction and poverty.

If you reject the social justice narrative and refuse to submit to their demands you are not alone. Many have and are forging new pathways. Parents have increasingly moved their children away from social justice warrior propaganda in schools and the media and are raising harder intellectuals.

Social justice warriors have refined speech-policing to unimaginable levels. No one is safe. The new even more extreme incarnation of Black Lives Matter has seen cancel culture now targeting anyone and showing no mercy or humanity.

As far as social justice warriors are concerned, say the wrong thing and you are an oppressor. The oppressors must change. They claim to be the spokespersons for the oppressed and the underprivileged but only if they subscribe to their ideology. If they do not, they get put into the oppressor box. The word tolerance is simply a word for social justice entryism. They never practice it themselves.

The cancel-culture and woke brigade, Black Lives Matter and Antifa have a utopian pipe dream.  They believe society can be totally transformed, and humankind perfected. Human nature can be demolished and rebuilt once people like them have sufficient power.

This path never arrives at utopia, never has, never will. It is an infantile road full of enforcers, administrators, and an expanding army of woke bullies and trolls. The banner of diversity and inclusion means shut up and conform. If you betray the protected oppressed group look out! You will be an outcast.

The theory of intersectionality is rife at universities across the West. People are forced to ingest new presumptions about hierarchy and oppression and accept them as fact. White privilege is accepted as fact. The boys of today are encouraged to dismantle any masculinity they have and physical play in the playground is frowned upon.

Bias response teams and armies of administrators are filling universities. Industries are created from bias, toxic masculinity, male privilege and white privilege. Disagreement with the theory of intersectionality is characterised as oppression so, therefore, is abhorrent. Campus culture is radically exclusionary and views open debate with suspicion and hostility. Speech that offends them they call for it to be illegal.

Social justice activism is a default position for most employees in most companies. Most corporations now have corporate social responsibility goals and policies. Applicants are put through tests by human resource managers to weed out anyone who has the wrong ideology or is not enthusiastic enough towards social justice activism. If they are not enthusiastic enough they will not get the job.

The progressive left now makes their livelihoods out of promoting and enforcing absurd and downright untruthful presumptions. They hound people to admit they are racists, sexists, white privilege and so on when they are not. They worship the false gods of equality, diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance.

The job for the social justice warriors is to re-educate you, undo your past, erase your values and rewrite history. The aim at universities now is corrective studies, re-education. People think everything is set up by a structure of white hegemony and everything in that structure is laced through with implicit or explicit racism.  In their pursuit of anti-racism, they turn race into a huge issue when it is not. Universities think racism is ever-present when it is demonstrably absent.

Social justice is not merely a mirage, it is an intrinsic self-contradiction. There is no such thing as full equality, it does not exist in any physical, material, legal, philosophical, or spiritual sense. It is an impossible quest and a zero-sum game. It always leads to glaringly obvious contradictions.

It has been said that the total embrace of equality and diversity is causing average IQ’s to drop. Western IQ’s are projected to drop 8 points this century. Using yourself up on identity politics, race politics, social justice and intersectionality is a waste of time. 

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