Progressives, socialists, and other leftists have been very successful in convincing many to believe socialism can work. It promises the people of the world a utopian society in which people get everything provided for them and they long for nothing more. 

Hollywood and the media have also presented and perpetuated a very sanitized, unrealistic version of socialism. The music industry also portrays socialism as a good cause. The irony, of course, the people in those industries live lives of luxury they do not share with many others.

Socialism is the leading cause of death and misery in human existence. In modern history here are just some of the nations who have tried to implement socialism, but only brought misery: Angola, Burma, Cambodia, Cuba,  Ethiopia, Laos, China, North Korea, Venezuela, and the USSR.

Young people in particular view socialism as a cure for the world’s problems. They do not realize it is about political servitude and the collective will.  It involves the destruction of people’s freedoms and liberties.

A truly socialist state cannot attain its goals without heavy coercion and intrusion of people’s freedoms. At its core is collective ownership, destruction of property rights, destruction of parental autonomy and individual beliefs. It involves the destruction of free speech. It expands government jurisdiction without limits.

The poster boy for modern socialism is Democratic Presidental candidate 78-year-old US Senator Bernie Sanders. He claims that the Nordic nations are socialist. This is a gross lie. The Nordic nations are what could be defined as compassionate capitalist. Generous welfare provisions are paid for by successful free market industries.

Scandinavia was very successful long before they introduced generous welfare provisions. Generous welfare is paid for by mining, oil industries, high-tech industries and so on. Their market economies are very productive.

China and India have lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty due to the ditching of socialist components. South-East Asia did not see their economies blossom due to raising the minimum wage, unionized workforces and by having industry under state control. World poverty is at a record law.

Giving government new powers over the economy means handing the state vast new grounds on which to police us. It means huge concentrations of power. Socialists view the wealthy with contempt even though the top 1% of earners in Australia pay around 40% of tax.

Socialists view government officials with moral piety and as pillars of society. They have extremely naive faith in the goodness of government, bureaucrats and government officials. Socialist regimes are full of: nepotism, corruption, unproductiveness, shortages, terror, oppression and destruction of people’s freedoms and property. 

The gap between Marxist political theory and the real-life observed behavior of Marxist regimes is staggering. Their theories give them the license to shut down all opposition which to them, by definition, opposes the rights of the oppressed. They decide which forms of expression are worthy and which are not.

Ask them about the failed socialist nations from A to Z and you will get the response,  “It will be different this time”, or “It was not real Marxism and was not implemented properly.” or maybe, “Marx has a lot to teach us and you do not understand it.”

Karl Marx was never about the betterment of society. Marxism is a pursuit of power and an obligation to control others. It has been a vehicle through which thugs pursue their own will to attain power. 

Marx channels a voice of ruthless  class struggle. Leftists never face up to the crimes committed under his name. It is an historical farce and a bloodstain on humanity.

Every regime that has rejected free-market capitalism in the name of Marxism has failed and disastrously.  Abolishing private ownership and means of creating wealth destroys entrepreneurship and also abolishes freedom itself.

Marxists believe if they all band together to tear down capitalism then humanity will blossom.  The absolutism of the state is sacrosanct with these leftists. For the Socialist Alternative and Alliance, it is this simple.

I wonder why no one’s thought of running a state-controlled economic system before purely for the benefit of the people and completely removing the personal reward incentive?  There is no end to the number of victims that need saving.

The advertisement from the socialist activists is a soft easy sell. The background has soft musical instruments and nice-sounding slogans and buzzwords to give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Green ideology is also Marxism through and through no matter how much they try to dress it up. Every policy of theirs reflects it.

They seek revolution of the victims, not just class warfare.  A revolution from professional malcontents, professional activists and career students. A few career academics thrown in who have never left the university.

I am not sure how they can win a revolution when they have never been in an arm wrestle or had a real job? And how can they win a revolution when simply misgendering them sends them into a complete meltdown? A minor insult is enough to see them retreat into a safe space.

When people wage militant class warfare, it is the poorer and middle classes who get more hurt. The wealthier move elsewhere and move their capital.

You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.  When one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

When half get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because the other half is going to get what they work for, that is the start of serious decline.

Anyone adopting the term Marxist to describe themselves and all the ideas associated with it deserves utter contempt. After all, Nazis get the same condemnation.

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