The recent movements of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Extinction Rebellion have all the hallmarks of a religion and a puritan movement. These movements which make up the modern Left-Progressive collective has become a fully-fledged religion

Just as in medieval times in Left-Progressive institutions there is self-flagellation, tithing, forced conformity, inquisitions, public rituals, the humiliation of others not involved, online shaming and calling others heretics, heavily policed virtue, sacred texts, speech codes and thought police, sacred leaders, and ex-communication of those who break ranks.

Left-Progressivism is not simply a political philosophy or movement. It has a zeal and fanaticism akin to a medieval bloodletting movement. Examples are abundant. Whether it be Extinction Rebellion hounding people going to work and grinding the city into a halt or Antifa and Black Lives Matter going into public places and forcing others under the threat of violence or doxxing to humiliate themselves by denouncing themselves and apologizing for their white privilege and systemic racism.

The current civil unrest in the United States is not a new phenomenon, they have occurred at various time intervals since the 1960s. This was at the same time that poverty eradication programs were first implemented at a national level part of Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society.

Subsequent US Administrations, state, and local governments, usually Democrat have spent trillions and trillions trying to eradicate poverty. Doling out money never solves social problems. All of the cities that are experienced dangerous levels on unrest such as Portland, Seattle, Atlanta and Los Angeles are one-party jurisdictions.

African-American economist Thomas Sowell has long written that the now popular concept of systemic racism has no meaning. The left’s claim that the West at large is beleaguered by systemic racism is an amorphous meaningless concept that cannot be tested. The American police force is likely the most multicultural police force in the world.

Most Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests have been proven to not live in the communities they say they support and only go there occasionally to protest and cause civil unrest.

Black Lives Matter’s aim is simply to fill black people with hollow promises, their virtue, their wokeness and their intersectionality ideology along with continuing to get them to vote Democrat. Many of these activists live off the backs of people they actually attack and the businesses they loot and burn. BLM terror is about exercising control over over the black community.

Leftist Indoctrination Colleges

The preaching of the religion of Left-Progressivism can be traced to the universities and colleges in the United States. Those burning, looting and murdering in US cities have been incited into this terrorism through college education.

White privilege and whiteness studies at colleges and universities are the new fad ideology from the leftists. If your parents were Jewish holocaust survivors or your ancestors were put in ovens, you are still an oppressor. Most Asian Americans are above middle class and overall on college tests outperform caucasian Americans. Many Japanese during the war battle with the United States were put into labour camps and now the Japanese Americans on average outperform caucasian Americans on a wealth level.

Public humiliation and denouncement tactics are straight out of former Communist Russia and Maoist China. Groupthink is required or you will be smeared with an ism, ist, or phobia. Even if you are silent and keep any thoughts or opinions to yourself this means you are a racist, a white supremacist,  an oppressor or bigot.

Universities and scholarship have made everything about race, identity politics, gender and class. Academia is breaking everything down into groups of victims against each other. Students are being brainwashed to believe they are responsible for other peoples actions in the past. People are forced to be trained on new presumptions whether at universities or the private business spheres.  White privilege is accepted as fact and many other constantly changing woke ideologies are being taught across wider society.

Bias training and intersectionality is not an academic discipline. Intersectionality is a dogmatic ideology which has no basis in reality. It is abhorrent talk creating anarchy and is George Orwell’s nightmare language. It teaches people to hate their race, believe in a pyramid of oppressors and the oppressed, teaches people to hate their race, boys to loathe their masculinity and even children to hate their parents. Only certain groups or minorities are allowed to be heard.

People must learn white-guilt and accept it. If you do not bend the knee for Black Lives Matter you are a racist, you will be hounded out of mainstream society and fired from your job. Patriotism is a grave evil and is misogynistic,  bigoted and oppressive. Devoiding boys of masculinity is the aim of some and attempting to eradicate male physical prowess. This is ideal for leftist indoctrination.  Making a society free of any distinction between male and female is a goal also. Eradication of all masculinity will eventually result in the elimination of all resistance. Subjugation is the goal.

What a lot of the universities call education is simply an isolation from reality. Universities are full of diversity officers, woke administration, gender studies departments, feminist studies departments, race theory, critical race theory, sexuality studies and so on. All of these are scams of education and research grant  money from the government goes towards absolute claptrap so divorced from the real world and actual objective truth. These social justice degrees and various programs will lead to universities becoming third-world institutions.  

Universities are resembling statism worship centres and woke seminaries. Courses at university even in medicine and engineering have huge dollops of woke material. And there are nonsense jobs at the end of it such as intersectionality officers, diversity officers, sustainability officers, and so on. At schools, children struggle to read and write effectively,  but they are fully immersed in the woke worldview pushed by left-wing ideologues who now shape the curriculum and control education.

Today’s youth know how to be and act politically correct,  they know all about systemic racism, gender theory, refugees, white colonial oppression, climate change, anal sex, and gender fluidity. And to top it off they are the pampered generation raised on victimhood, statism and everyone gets a prize.

The Myth of Modern Racism

The left-progressives believe that racism is ever-present and everywhere when it is demonstrably absent. Using yourself up on identity politics, race politics, social justice and intersectionality is a waste of time.

Achieving ‘equality’ is a zero-sum game. There is no such thing as complete equality and at what stage do people say the right equilibrium has been reached? People have various talents, motivation, intelligence, different education, different interests, some make good choices, some bad choices. Full equality and egalitarianism can never exist in any material, legal, philosophical or spiritual sense.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa refuse to acknowledge the real causes of social disadvantages such as crime, fatherless homes, drug abuse, poor education, high abortion rates, the destruction of the family, and so on.

What has been the return for trillions and trillions spend of social welfare programs and the massive investments? Primarily more poverty and now violent criminal destruction. There is still no evidence that affirmative action and endless failed social programs work. It has simply rewarded the adminstrators of such programs and imprisoned the dependents.

Utopia and Totalitarianism

The left-progressives are utopian. They believe society can be transformed and humankind perfected by politics and statism along with a big measure of virtue and woke thrown in. Once people give them sufficient power and control then all will be good.

Once they have the power and taken over our instituions they will install more government, more administrators, enforce equality with more affirmative action such as quotas, bring about very high taxes,  freebies for all and conformity of opinions.

They will establish more kangaroo courts for those who have upset peoples sensitivities, parenting controlled by the state, gun confiscation, genderless children, rewriting of history, forced redistribution, and reparations plus more.

The road to utopia never gets there. It is an infinite road of people tripping over themselves trying to be victims and wanting access to government services, more snitching and enforcers,  shock troops on the streets, and a whole lot of administrators with meaningless jobs.

A huge welfare state run by hordes of governing woke elites and administrators will simply reinforce and encourage it. Aggressive government programs and activism result. It is idealism through simple appeals, social causes gesturing, and platitudes. For all the progressive utopians, there will be no utopia. Soon they will be feasting on a carcass.

There is not one part of any state or federal public services that have not been infested with the rise of extreme political correctness. They have diversity officers and trainers, sustainability and Climate Change branches and policies and the Human Rights and Social Inclusion divisions.

The new definition of what breaches human rights will result in more civil liberties and freedoms being taken away and more people will be soon looking over their shoulder with authorities going after them, if they’ve said the wrong thing.

The Left-progressive religion has its defenders and enablers in academia, some politicians, the media abd community institutions who should know full well about the destruction of statism but still pursue it. Only two things matter to them: power and to take others’ stuff. 

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