The Unshackled Waves Ep. 110 Interview Show with Cr Jacinta Price from Save Australia Day


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Australia Day 2018 is now not far away however throughout the year we have seen an unprecedented amount of attacks on our national day. But the fightback has begun. Mark Latham’s Outsiders has launched its save Australia Day campaign which will feature an advertising campaign putting the case for keeping Australia Day on 26th January.

Heading this campaign is Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price. She was originally a singer but has now chosen to pursue activism on indigenous issues with her focus being preventing domestic violence and sexual abuse in indigenous communities.  She has addressed National Press Club and appeared on the ABC’s Q&A as well as appearing regularly on Sky News and 2GB. Her activism has made her a target of the left, but she has proven her herself unafraid in this regard.

We ask why she decided to be the face of the Save Australia Day campaign and what Australia Day means to her. We look at why Australian history is something to be proud of and commemorated. We explore why all councils that have cancelled Australia Day are located in the inner city while in Alice Springs there is no such move.

We ask why she chose to leave singing and take up activism given that it puts you in the public firing line. We explore how identity politics has marred the issue of indigenous affairs and why the left feel the need to hijack the issue. We discuss real indigenous welfare issues in the areas of health, education, jobs and economic management and Jacinta offers some practical solutions.

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