Yassmin Returns to the ABC to Host Hijab Show

Last year after Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s statement that Islam is the most feminist religion and her insensitive Lest We Forget ANZAC Day tweet the ABC quietly dismissed her when the program she occasionally presented Australia Wide was axed as part of network restructure. Other contributions she made in 2017 was that Australian democracy was not representative and that diversity in engineering could prevent oil spills.

She was so unprepared for the public backlash to her views that she fled Australia for London. She told the hosts on the Project that leaving Australia was like leaving an abusive boyfriend. She went full troll with another Lest We Forget tweet on Remembrance Day and told us to enjoy our free speech and stolen land. This year Liberty Victoria decided she was worthy of their Young Voltaire Award for free speech.

Yassmin would now appear to want to undergo some sort of rehabilitation of her image as she tweeted what would it take for her to be forgiven for her behaviour over the past year.

It seems that the ABC now wants to assist her in this rehabilitation quest as she has been rehired to host a hijab fashion show called Hijabstas. Yassmin tweeted the promotional video on Monday.

By welcome Yassmin back, and having her host a show that promotes an item of clothing in Islam that many consider to be oppressive to women (the promotional video has Yassmin wearing the even more oppressive niqab), the ABC does nothing to dispel the perception that it promotes a left-wing social justice worldview. The ABC has only got worse in this regard recently with their flagship comedy program calling a conservative candidate a c**t and its children’s channel promoting concepts such as white male privilege and LGBT culture.

Once again it would appear the federal government and the taxpayers who fund the ABC remain powerless to rein in the ABC’s promoting of people like Yassmin and the ideas she represents.

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