May Confirms Decision Not To Lead Tories In 2022 Elections


Embattled U.K Prime Minister Theresa May perhaps feeling the intense pressure of her failure to have the Brexit Deal approved and the rising calls of her resignation has confirmed her decision not to lead the Conservatives in the 2022 General Elections:

“Yes, I’ve said that in my heart, I would love to be able to lead the Conservative Party into the next General Election. But I think it is right that the party feels it would prefer to go into that election with a new leader.

“People try to talk about dates; what I’m clear about is the next general election is in 2022 and I think it is right another party leader takes us into that general election.”

Although May managed to survive the party confidence vote by a count of 200 to 117 votes, she continues to face calls for her resignation particularly from Jacob Rees-Mogg.

May is attending a summit in Brussels whereby she hopes to get the support the heads of 27 states on the need for new concessions:

“I have already met with Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar and I am going to be addressing the EU council later and I will be showing the legal and political assurances I believe we need to assuage the concerns members of parliament have on this issue.

“I know the EU27 will be discussion no-deal planning, and indeed the UK government is preparing us for a no-deal planning. But I think – as I’ve always said – the best arrangement for everybody, for both the U.K and the E.U, is for us to agree on a deal and get this deal over the line.”

Earlier in the week, May deferred a vote on the deal when it became apparent that she would lose by a wide margin.

May is hoping the U.K will not be trapped in the Northern Ireland backstop where it would be in a customs union with the E.U.

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