The Annual Unshackler Awards: 2018 Australian Patriot Activist Of The Year Award


It’s that time again where we look back and remember the year that was.

The annual Unshackler Awards is a series of 10 Awards to be released over the next coming weeks to remember the good and the bad as we break the chains of control.

Now it’s our time to publicly praise the 10 best patriot activists as nominated by The Unshackled team. Then you the public get to reduce it down to just one: The “2018 Australian Patriot Of The Year Award” which will be announced on Australia Day.

And The Nominees Are:

2018 Australian Patriot Of The Year

  • Christopher Shortis (44%, 1,122 Votes)
  • Neil Erikson (40%, 1,017 Votes)
  • Blair Cottrell (5%, 133 Votes)
  • Avi Yemini (4%, 115 Votes)
  • John Bolton (2%, 56 Votes)
  • Tom Sewell (2%, 45 Votes)
  • Shermon Burgess (1%, 26 Votes)
  • Dan Evans (1%, 19 Votes)
  • The Young Conservative (1%, 18 Votes)
  • Mitch Van Dam (1%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,565

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John Bolton is a retired barrister turned patriot activist and legal defender based in Adelaide. He is currently defending Neil Erikson who faces a trial in June next year over his clash with the left outside the Milo Yiannopoulos Melbourne event in December 2017. He has also launched a High Court challenge to Blair Cottrell’s conviction for offending Muslims over a mock beheading, arguing the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act is unconstitutional. Other activism Bolton is involved in is he spoke at the Brisbane Free Tommy Rally, co-organized the International Freedom of Speech Day in Lakemba, Sydney in October, and is legal advisor to Australian conservative activist group Rite-On.

Christopher Shortis is a Victorian nationalist that is a member of Jim Saleams Australia First Party. He is connected to UNA media where he conducts interviews and informs people of current political events. He was 1 of the Bendigo 3 that partaked in the mock beheading alongside Blair Cottrell & Neil Erikson. He is widely seen as a future leader within the Nationalist movement as he is critical of the elites agenda; whether it be immigration, multiculturalism, or the destruction of Christian values. Christopher Shortis was the winner of the Patriot Award last year.

Neil Erikson is the founder of Melbourne patriot group Cooks Convicts, and was also 1 of the Bendigo 3 found guilty of offending Islam. Neil specialises in giving the left a taste of their own medicine by disrupting them in their safe spaces. He has gate crashed several inner Melbourne council meetings over their decision to cancel their Australia Day festivities. He also famously confronted Sam Dastyari in a Melbourne bar over his Chinese connections. He along with 2IC Ricky Turner & Bluebeard attend regular patriot rallies and socialist protests. Whilst there they record lots of footage and are quite often involved in heated exchanges with the far-left.

The Young Conservative became a popular Facebook personality in 2018 gaining over 7,000 followers before his page was deleted for reasons unknown. It featured live videos from his car discussing current political issues and offering his two cents. Originally from Perth but now based in Melbourne he was present at many Melbourne nationalist events such as the True Blue Crew Australia Day Barbeque, the Aussie Pride Flag March and the Men’s March. He is a member of the Australian Liberty Alliance and famously went to Melbourne University with Party President Debbie Robinson and triggered all the students there with his ‘It’s Okay to Be White’ shirt.

Avi Yemini via his Facebook page has become a prominent anti-crime campaigner in Melbourne. He calls out the inaction and politically correct policing of the Daniel Andrews Labor government, the actions of the violent left in Melbourne and the regressive voices in our media via his Facebook live videos. He held the successful Make Victorian Safe Again. He ran in the recent Victorian State Election as the Senate Candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). He is labelled a Nazi by the left which is bizarre given he is a proud Jew who loves Israel and whose family survived the war. He held Save Tommy Robinson rallies right around the country and has connections with both Tommy and Ezra Levant at Rebel Media.

Tom Sewell has been a patriot activist since the formation of the United Patriots Front. He is known as the right-hand man to Blair Cottrell but is an accomplished activist in his own right. He is the founder and leader of the Lads Society, a community organisation for nationalist men to enjoy brotherhood, career network and provide health and lifestyle support. Despite negative mainstream media reports the Lads Society has chapters in all major cities with clubhouses in Melbourne and Sydney.

Blair Cottrell was the leader of the controversial group United Patriot Front which had amassed quite a large following on social media. A controversial character who has previously done time in prison for arson. He had been linked with Nazism by many, but no solid proof has ever been presented. Despite this he still continues to rally support with his passionate Pro Australian, anti Marxism Speeches. He is passionate about Australia and Western Values and is constantly fighting the Marxist agenda and attempts by the media and others to paint patriotism in a bad light. Blair was 1 of the Benidgo 3 that was charged with a mock beheading in reference to Islam. Despite this he continues to make public appearances at many patriot rallies. He famously confronted degenerate Dandyman in Melbourne for conducting himself in a lewd manner in front of children. He also plays a big role in the Melbourne Lads Society, and triggered many cuckservatives by appearing on Sky News.

Shermon Burgess was the founder of the United Patriots Front in 2015 after it split from Reclaim Australia. He stepped down later in the year but has continued to advocate nationalist ideas and offer political commentary online on his YouTube channel. He organised his first public event since his United Patriots Front days by organising the Spirit of Australia Rally outside Parliament House in Canberra.

Mitch Van Dam is founder and leader of the True Blue Crew New South Wales after the Melbourne based patriot group went national. In his first year at the helm of a patriot group Van Dam was able to stop the Inner West Council in Sydney cancelling their Australia Day festivities, he organised Sydney’s own Aussie Pride Flag March in June on the same day as the annual Melbourne event. He was also a co-organiser of the International Freedom of Speech Day in Lakemba, Sydney in October.

Dan Evans describes himself as an Australian Conservative Capitalist and models his facebook page as such. He advocates for small government, a reduction in red tape, and for Aussie values to once again be brought to the forefront of society. Dan is a true patriot that is known by many through the uploading of videos, where he tackles the tough issues that others in Canberra shy away from. He is involved in the patriotic Reclaim Australia movement that highlights the ongoing threat we face from immigration, and our culture being eroded away to appease minority groups. He was ambushed by several Antifa members at the former anarchist bookshop “The Black Rose”, where he was struck in the head and back by fluorescent tubes. A true fighter for all things Australian, and hero to the conservative movement.

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