Judgment Day: PM May Pleads For Support On Brexit Deal


After months of negotiations, Prime Minister Theresa May believes her Brexit Deal outlines the best provisions for a post-EU United Kingdom. May called for an emergency meeting with the cabinet members to sign off her Brexit deal on Wednesday.

The deal was finalized at lunchtime on Tuesday after May concluded that it was no longer possible to further amend it.

“Cabinet will meet at 2pm tomorrow to consider the draft agreement the negotiating teams have reached in Brussels, and to decide on next steps,” a No 10 spokesman confirmed.

As crucial points of the final deal leaked prior to the meeting, hard-Brexit Tories called for senior ministers to block it.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the chairman of the European Research Group did not appear hopeful and convinced of May’s Brexit Deal:

“I hope cabinet will block it or, if not, parliament will block it.”

Meanwhile, former foreign secretary Boris Johnson referred to May’s Brexit deal as “vassal state stuff” which is “utterly unacceptable.”

Nigel Dodds, the DUP’s Westminster leader, said that if what he had heard in leaks over the past few days are true then the deal is unacceptable:

“We have to see the details of it, but it appears to be a UK-wide customs agreement but [with] deeper implications for Northern Ireland both on customs and single market, and as Jacob has said, if that means that we’re taking the rules and laws set in Brussels, not in Westminster or Belfast, then that’s unacceptable,” Dodds said.

On Tuesday night, the leaders of the four main opposition parties in parliament sent a joint letter to the prime minister the ability to amend, debate and vote on any Brexit withdrawal agreement.

The letter stated, “As a minimum, any motion to this House must include: the possibility for multiple amendments to be tabled, with the Speaker able to select multiple amendments to be taken before the main motion.”

Ahead of judgement day, there were early indications that ministers were prepared to back May’s deal.  If the cabinet agrees on the deal on Wednesday, the EU expects to hold a special Brexit summit on 25 November.

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