Last night The Unshackled travelled to Ballarat, Victoria to visit Dianne Colbert of Healthy Hearts Healthy Minds who gave a presentation for Family Values Alliance Ballarat entitled LGBTQI Myths and Facts. The event was held in a Church in Sebastapol, a suburb south of Ballarat’s CBD.

We arrived to a small crowd of people who had come to listen to her speak.

Dianne has an extensive background in social welfare with many years of experience in the field. She worked with disadvantaged Centrelink clients, has been a social mental health worker for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Australia in one of their social welfare programs and a Lifeline training coordinator for Lifeline Sydney and Sutherland for their suicide prevention program. She holds degrees in Counselling and Family Therapy and Theology.

Her talk was very impressive and informative as she deconstructed many of the things we are told about the LGBTQI+ community in their efforts to normalise homosexual behaviour and promote gender non conformity on a mass scale. She used many examples of former gay activists who had walked away from the movement after certain experiences made them question what they were doing, including cases where they stopped feeling attraction to the same sex after a period of time.

She brought up the concept that the differences between boys and girls are a social construct, using information from the book “Why Gender Matters,” to outline small but significant biological differences such as men and women hearing differently. Amazing!

She also touched on propaganda in the media pushing the transgender ideology in cartoons designed for children.

We had the chance to interview Dianne after the event where she spoke more about her research and her involvement with the no campaign during the Marriage Law Postal Survey last year. Being no stranger to the bullying tactics of the left she offered sympathies and understanding to those who have been brainwashed by years of media monopoly on the subject.

She explained how on the day the same sex marriage was legalised some of the Greens Party activists sent letters of complaint to an organisation she was working for and despite having eleven years of experience working for that company with not one complaint about her, she was disaccredited from that organisation.

We encourage our followers to follow Dianne Colbert on social media, and to come along to her upcoming events.

You can view our livestream of her presentation on our Facebook page. We will also be releasing highlights from the presentation on our YouTube channel throughout next week.

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