Fast Interview – Calum Thwaites and Tony Morris QC

At LibertyFest we sat down with Calum Thwaites and Tony Morris QC from the Queensland University of Technology 18C Racial Discrimination Case. Calum was one of the students dragged before the Federal Court for objecting to indigenous only computer labs at the University and Tony Morris QC was the barrister who defended him who was also the recipient of the inaugural liberty award.

We ask Calum what it was like emotionally to go through such as ordeal, why Tony decided this was the case he needed to take on. We also ask them to explain the legal process and were they pressured to settle at various times. We ask them to reflect upon their newfound roles as freedom warriors and do they believe there is any chance of 18C or the Human Rights Commission being reformed following this case.

We also learn about their new action against the Human Rights Commission to find out how their compliant was handled. We then discuss their personal relationship as Calum now works for Tony as a clear and how they have learned and been inspired by each other.

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