Facebook has banned the page of UK right-wing website Politicalite which had 44k followers. This is most likely due to its positive coverage of anti-Islam activists Tommy Robinson and Avi Yemini who were recently banned from the platform.

Tommy Robinson is standing as an independent MEP in the UK’s European parliamentary elections, promising if elected to donate his salary to a charity to help victims of sexual abuse.

Following Robinson’s Facebook ban in February the platform has now moved to suspend or ban users who mention him or share media about him. Politicalite to avoid being banned from Facebook had simply refereed to Tommy as (Censored) in their headlines and articles.

Politicalite had previously been suspended from Google’s AdSense service and had their PayPal funds frozen for their Tommy Robinson coverage. The campaign against them by the British political establishment had been covered by Breitbart and Rebel Media.

Politicalite’s Facebook page being unpublished was after months of algorithm changes and admin profile suspensions. Politicalite still has an active Twitter account and has a channel on Telegram, the free speech encrypted messaging app.

Telegram has been growing in popularity since Tommy Robinson moved his communications to the app after his YouTube channel restrictions and ban from Snapchat. Robinson’s Telegram channel has grown to 33k subscribers.

Other British nationalist groups that found themselves permanently banned from Facebook were Britain First, the British National Party and the English Defence League as part of the platform’s new crackdown on hate speech post the Christchurch massacre.

Britain First’s leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were jailed last year for their activism. They have also moved Britain First’s communications to Telegram as well with their channel now having over 6k followers.

Politicalite believes there was political interference from the British Government in Facebook’s decision to ban them. They had previously reported that Prime Minister Theresa May was planning “to crack down on what the Government sees as ‘disinformation’ ” and introduce new laws dubbed ‘Online Harms’.

Politicalite has vowed to never surrender and believes they are being targeted for censorship because Number 10 is rattled by the Alt News revolution and the spread of “Pro-Brexit views, anti-Islam rhetoric and, right-wing populism” and rather that tackling Radical Islam, Grooming Gangs (that still ravage Britain) it would prefer to ignore them.

Politicalite is now wearing the badge of being the UK’s most censored news outlet and has just published a new “Politicalite Mission”:

To provide a platform for undiscovered non-mainstream writers and citizen journalists. (CHECK)

To make sense of the crazy political revolution that is Populism. (CHECK)

To give a voice to the silent majority. (CHECK)

To say what the mainstream media refuse to say. (CHECK)

To expose slimy politicians and those that mislead the electorate. (CHECK)

To get Britain WOKE on Politics. (500,000 engaged readers? CHECK!)

The United Kingdom has long been the leader in online censorship, political correctness and cracking down on free speech, which explains the massive campaign to delete personalities like Tommy Robinson and sites like Politicalite from the public sphere. And big tech social media giants are only too willing to accommodate government censorship requests.

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