Austria Warns Of Mass Migration To Europe From Turkey


Interior Minister Herbert Kickl of Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) sent a letter to the EU commission and warned that a new wave of mass migration is coming to Europe.  He cited that a huge number of migrants from Turkey will be heading to Europe once the weather improves.

Kickl stated in the letter that a there is an imminent crisis as he believes plans are ongoing for a large-scale migration from Turkey to Europe.

Based on the data released by the European Police Authority Europol, tens of thousands of migrants are already in the region, including 60,000 in Greece, another 5,000 in Bosnia-Herzegovina and another 5,000 in Serbia.

Furthermore, there will be another 5.6 million Syrian refugees in the Middle East, which validates the looming threat of a new massive migration movement.

Kickl urged the commission to act quickly and send a clear message to the migrants to stop mass migration:

“It is particularly important now to find out what initiatives and measures are being planned by the European Commission in order to be able to coordinate the respective contingency plans for a new mass influx”.

Kickl suggested that the commission immediately work on “effective return systems”, “information campaigns and local capacity building”, for which there must be “much more” financial support from the EU:

“Refugees have a right to life in safety and dignity – but no right to freely choose their destination country. Only a Europe that protects its borders can help those who really need protection.”

Kickl reminded the EU not to forget its history with massive migration:

“We all still remember the images of the mass immigration of 2015/2016. It would be irresponsible to twiddle one’s thumb and wait until tens of thousands of migrants are on the border.”

“A political repair-and-patchwork mentality does not bring us anywhere in the EU — only a clear, proactive strategic approach. It’s about averting a new crisis rather than waiting for it to erupt.”

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