It’s Official: Gays Are More Oppressed than Racial Minorities


The left’s intersectional oppression hierarchy is hard to keep up with. The attributes it now includes is race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, able ability and class.

But the problem with intersectionality is that members of these oppressed groups often clash with one another and shatter the left’s dream that all these groups are united against the dominant able bodied cis white male.

When these clashes occur it is interesting to see who the left deem to be the more oppressed group and more worthy of their protection. The most recent intersectional clash in Australian politics has occurred due to the fact that non-European cultures aren’t very tolerant of the LGBT lifestyle.

This has been demonstrated with Australian rugby player Israel Folau who is of Pacific Islander ethnicity recent Instagram post where he included homosexuals as a list of sinners who are destined for hell unless they repent and turn to Jesus.

Folau’s status as a racial minority has not saved him for being labelled a homophobe and a bigot, though the fact he is Christian also makes it easier for the left to attack him. Rugby Australia is now set to terminate his playing contract despite him being the best rugby player in Australia.

But Folau is not the only racial minority in Australia who has come under attack for “homophobia”. Gladys Liu is the Liberal candidate for the marginal Liberal seat of Chisholm in inner Melbourne vacated by Julia Banks. She comes from a conservative Chinese background.

A recording has been released by the Guardian Australia from 2016 when she managed Julia Banks’ campaign where she spoke about the Chinese community’s opposition to the LGBT agenda, same sex marriage and Safe Schools.

“A lot of Chinese parents they just do not agree with letting boys go into a girls’ toilet. They strongly oppose the Safe Schools program. “Not only toilets, it’s also the crossdressing, the introduction of transgender – this is something they found difficult to accept, especially to primary aged children”.

Adding that “The second thing is same sex marriage, now that is kind of connected to the first one, that is their belief that same-sex marriage is against normal practice”.

But it would appear since same sex marriage was legalised with the 2017 Marriage Law Postal Survey a mainstream candidate cannot have these views and Gladys Liu has backtracked saying she was not expressing her views but rather what she was hearing from the local Chinese community on social media channel WeChat.

“I reject any suggestion the comments reported in 2016 were my own views,” She said in a statement “At the time I was responding to a question about comments I had received from some members of the Chinese community” adding “I firmly support equality across our community.”

Scott Morrison felt the need to tell reporters Liu wasn’t homophobic and Bill Shorten saw the opportunity to attack the Liberal Party for endorsing anti-LGBT candidates. Liu’s own response would indicate she believes LGBT people cannot be seen to be attacked. She even cancelled a Sky News appearance due to the fallout being too damaging.

So it’s official: In Australia being gay or transgender means you are more oppressed than any racial minority, if you are a racial minority and express a view against the LGBT lifestyle you will be attacked and forced out of public life as Israel Folau and Gladys Liu are finding out.

The big unknown test of course is Islam’s hostile view to LGBT people. That is something the left and adherents to intersectionality find more difficult. We shall see what their reaction is when a Muslim expresses their view of the LGBT lifestyle.

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