Fast Interview – Jordan Williams from the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

As part of the Unshackled’s coverage of New Zealand’s general election campaign we are speaking with a number candidates and activists so we can gain an understanding of the politics of New Zealand, what are the big issues in this campaign and probably most relevantly what Australians can learn from this election.

We visited the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union office in Wellington and spoke with their Executive Director Jordan Williams. We learn about why the Taxpayers’ Union was formed and what it aims to achieve.

We get a picture of the current state of economic freedom in New Zealand and if economic policy continued to improve after the radical free market reforms of both sides of politics in the 1980s and 90s.

We learn about some of the campaigns that Taxpayers Union has run including their government waste mascot Porky Pig and how difficult it is in New Zealand to hold the bureaucracy accountable. We ask what issues are of concern to them in this upcoming election which the major parties need to address.

We finish off by discussing the always difficult task of economic education of the voting public and how best to achieve that.

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