Australia Day 2018 looks set to be a symbolic day for proud Australians to draw a line in the sand, with Melbourne based nationalist movements The True Blue Crew and the United Patriots Front, set to co-host a beach party at St Kilda Foreshore Park from 2PM onwards this Friday. The event, which has been explicitly advertised as being apolitical, is open to Australians from all backgrounds, who have an interest in celebrating their national day amongst like-minded members of the local community.

St Kilda Beach has recently emerged as a key battleground in the fight against Melbourne’s African crime epidemic, with criminal gangs reportedly terrorising local residents and tourist visitors at the iconic beach on numerous occasions throughout the Summer. Friday’s Australia Day Beach Party also coincides with an ‘Invasion Day’ rally which is being held in the Melbourne CBD earlier in the day, with left wing protestors set to assemble in order to voice their opposition towards others celebrating Australia’s national day.

Those planning to attend the St Kilda Beach Party have been encouraged to bring along towels, flags, friends, and family on the day, for what is sure to be a memorable event. Australia Day 2018 at St Kilda Beach: lets show how proud we all are to be Australians.

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