Quick Close the Borders, the left protests for National Sovereignty


Tens of thousands of Australians from the regressive left protested across cities in Australia yesterday in support of national sovereignty.  Yes you read that right, but how can that be?  Well you see if you believe that the 26th January 1788 was an invasion despite the fact there was not one recorded death on the day, and fail to acknowledge what British settlement and then years of immigration has done for this great nation, then obviously you believe that we had no right to ever step foot on this land, and if you believe that then it completely blows out of the water any future argument in favor for open borders.  You simply cannot support Aboriginal national sovereignty and then reject it in every other form, the hypocrisy of it all is astounding.

Let’s take a moment to look at the promotional material put out by the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra, they are clearly promoting sovereignty.  This is usually such a dirty word for the left.


One of the biggest pushers of the #ChangeTheDate movement that is gaining traction across Australian is the Australian Greens, along with the left’s influence over the media, education and government. They are actually responsible for creating more division, more harm and now violence as we saw in scenes that took place on Sydney streets yesterday.

If you take the time to look into the Greens policy you will see that they clearly support sovereignty, well at least when it comes to Aboriginals.  “The Australian Constitution must recognise the prior and ongoing occupation and sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their right to land, water and resources.”  The Greens are also big supporters of Aboriginal values and traditions “Protection for cultural and intellectual property rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including their right to practise and revitalise their cultural traditions, customs and language, and resources for community initiatives to maintain, protect and develop the past, present and future manifestations of their cultures.”

Now that we have clearly identified that the Australian Greens and the left support National Sovereignty and the protection of Aboriginal culture, values, identity and traditions, let’s take a look at their immigration policies.  The number one principle of the Australia Greens under their Immigration and refugee policy is “Australia’s cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity should be celebrated for greatly enriching our society and economy, and this diversity is enhanced by the immigration of people to Australia.” There you have it; immigration enriches and enhances society and the economy.  The Greens and the left are clearly pro-immigration and open borders.  So in very plain English for all the lefties to understand, your support of Aboriginal Sovereignty on one hand and then pro-immigration and open borders on the other is completely and utterly in complete conflict with one and other.  It is a major contradiction and your hypocrisy is embarrassing.  British Settlement enriched and enhanced Australian society and it opened the door for many more ethnicities to come to Australia and make it their home. The latter you say you support, but the former?

The Greens also believe strongly in supporting Human Rights, “Universal human rights are fundamental and must be respected and protected in all countries and for all people.”  Now let’s look at the facts for one moment, when British settlement landed in Australia the Aboriginal community clearly was not progressing as a society like the rest of the world.  If you take the time to look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights you will see that it’s a right to have social security if needed, health care, education, a high standard of living, housing, clothing, freedom of movement including between nations.  These are the rights that we have right now in 2017 in this great nation, this is what British settlement started and this is what continued immigration to Australia has created.  All of this would have been completely impossible if it was not for the arrival of the First Fleet back on the 26th January 1788.  Despite what the left will have you believe there are actually Aboriginals who love Australia Day, if you head up to Northern Australia and into Arnhem Land there is a clan there called the Rirratjingu clan who celebrate Australia Day and take the time to reflect on what British settlement brought to Australia and be thankful for its contributions that include doctors, nurses, police and teachers.  Want a reason to celebrate Australia Day, well there is no better one then the introduction of Universal Human Rights.

One of the biggest arguments by the left over celebrating Australia Day is the supposed genocide of Aboriginal people.  The reality is that this just did not happen.  Yes there were clashes, and many were quite violent and usually favored the settlers, yes many Aboriginals died as a result and no one condones this, but they were simply never part of a plan by the British government to wage mass genocide.  It was never government policy and there were European settlers who were prosecuted for crimes against Aboriginals as well as there were Aboriginals prosecuted for crimes against settlers.  It was simply a different time in the world and the differences between the people created conflicts and criminal acts on both sides.  It wasn’t right but we have progressed as a society and we still have so many great things to be thankful for because of British settlement.

The reasons we should not change the date are clear.  British settlement on the 26th of January 1788 was the birth of Human Rights in Australia, it was the introduction of education, technology and it helped to fuel advancements for the betterment of the nation and the Aboriginal people.  It opened the door for further immigration for millions from so many nations across the world.  It is the day that so many of those immigrants became Australia citizens and the day holds a special part in their hearts.

Finally the main reason we should not change the date is simple, it is actually the hypocritical contradicting childish left that is creating this division and pushing their agenda.  If I have learnt anything as a father it is that you never ever give someone chucking a tantrum what they want, because all you do is reinforce their behavior.  Hence why we now see the civil unrest we do across the world, it is time to show the left some tough love.

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