New false-flag? Russia’s UN envoy warns White Helmets plot- chemical attack Syria


The White Helmets, which have been denounced on a multitude of occasions by Moscow and Damascus for staging provocations with the use of chemical substances in Syria’s Idlib province on Wednesday at a UN Security Council meeting, Russia accused the NGO of preparing new provocations. Russia’s deputy UN ambassador has said that The White Helmets is readying a new false flag that will see them using toxic agents on civilians and will frame the attack on Damascus.

Russia’s Deputy UN representative Vladimir Safronkov, speaking at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday:

“The pseudo-humanitarian personnel of the White Helmets continues to prepare ever new provocations in order to accuse the lawful authorities of using toxic agents,” Safronkov said. “We see what is going on.”

The White Helmets, are a controversial Globalist backed ‘civil defense’ group, which has long been called out by both the Russian and Syrian governments as being part of various Islamist rebel groups, which for the most part has always been denied by the US and EU powers.

They have been known for many controversial things including:

  • Being a fake NGO: Only helps people when the cameras are rolling

  • Helping Al-Nusra and Non-Moderate Militants

I saw how the White Helmets were sharing buildings with the al-Nusra extremist group, as if there was no problem with that. If you are an ordinary citizen, who has seen, what this group has done to your people, your family, raping your daughters and beheading people, you wouldn’t share anything with them,” Carla Ortiz.

  • Medical Centers for Militants

It can be proven in interviews with those who requested medical help from the White Helmets, it’s not that simple for a person to get help from them, unless he or she is a member of a militant group.

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