Advance Australia Where? Facebook Page Unpublished


One of Australia’s most popular Facebook pages for conservatives and Christians Advance Australia Where has been unpublished in the last 24 hours. The page had managed to attracted 29,000 likes and its team of admins shared stories, memes and videos about current political topics and cultural trends frequently every hour of every day. It was created in September 2015 to give conservatives a voice after Tony Abbott was deposed as Prime Minister.

The Unshackled interviewed the page’s founder and admin in January 2017 when the page had just 4,000 likes before its popularity and growth surged over the past year. The page never held back in expressing its viewpoint and took a proactive role in campaigning for a no vote in the Marriage Postal Survey. It sought to mock Australian regressives, triggered social justice warriors and the pervading anti-white racism in our society. It was unashamed its support for traditional ideals and Christian values.

The growth of the page inevitably also attracted many left wing trolls who reported its content. The admins of the page in recent months had been subjected to repeated 30 day Facebook bans for expressing unpopular opinions in Facebook discussions.

Over the past month the page had also taken the step of doing live videos commenting on the increasing persecution they felt was pervading Facebook and also gave advice for debating leftists and engage in cultural commentary.

When the page was unpublished the admins were not told the reasons other than it didn’t comply with the Facebook Page Terms. They were told they could appeal however the process of this was not made clear to them.


The deletion of conservative Facebook pages, 30 day bans for hate speech (code for right-wing opinions) has become a common occurrence on Facebook. Last year all United Patriots Front Facebook pages were deleted from Facebook and its leader Blair Cottrell was completely banned from Facebook.

The Make New Zealand Great Again Political Party Facebook page was deleted in September 2017 for promoting a meme mocking Jacinda Ardern’s twin support for Abortion and ending child poverty.

A replacement Facebook page has been set up however given Facebook is cracking down on such replacement pages and second accounts (known as socks) Advance Australia Where’s presence on Facebook remains unclear.

Disclourse: Editor in Chief of the Unshackled Tim Wilms was an editor for Advance Australia Where and the page shared much Unshackled content.

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