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The voters in New South Wales go to the polls on Saturday March 23rd and pollsters and political commentators are predicting to be one of the closest elections in living memory. The Liberal National Coalition has been in power for 8 years but is on its third Premier during that time with Gladys Berejiklian, the first female Liberal Premier facing her first electoral test.

While New South Wales has the strongest growth and lowest unemployment out of any state with a budget surplus its infrastructure projects are incomplete with the George Street light rail and Sydney stadium rebuilds being public relations disasters. The greyhound racing ban as damaged the Coalition’s stand in the bush which led to the downfall of former Premier Mike Baird.

Labor is now on its third Opposition leader in 8 years with Michael Daley having only been in the job for 4 months after Luke Foley resigned in disgrace but could still very well be the next Premier. It’s amazing to think that voters are considering a change of government and a returning a party to power that when last in office was inept and corrupt.

The battle for the state’s Upper House is just as fierce with on the right the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers’ Party, Christian Democrats, Liberal Democrats, Australian Conservatives and One Nation all vying for seats. While on the left the Greens are aiming to survive an internal party meltdown in the state and retain all of its seats.

To discuss all these election issues my guest today is New South Welshman and contributor to Pop and Locke Daniel Gibbons.

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