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One patriot activist who is craving a more intellectual grounding for the movement, and advocates utilizing our existing political system and laws to advance the cause is Christopher Shortis. Formerly with the United Patriots Front he is now with the Australia First Party and studying a law degree.

He is mainly known as a member of the Bendigo Three who were charged and found guilty of offending Muslims for beheading a dummy in 2017 under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. But of course there is more to him than that, I had a brief chat with him on Australia Day 2018 but joined me in the studio for a more in depth discussion.

Chris tells us about his entry into activism with the United Patriots Front, whose most notable activism was opposing the Bendigo mosque. He described the legal defence he employed during the Bendigo Three trial, and avenues of appeal.

Chris makes the case for why Australia First is the party for nationalists, why he opposes multiculturalism and makes his case for white nationalism.

I ask Chris to comment on various projects and issues in the nationalist movement, such as the divide between young and old activists, his views on the Lads Society, and the movement’s relationship with women.

We finish off with Chris’ view about what the movement needs to do advance forward, how it needs to be more professional, and end the public stunts it has become notable for.

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