During the coronavirus lockdown in Australia’s largest states you were only allowed to legally leave your home for what the government considered “essential reasons”. Free speech and assembly, our basic civil rights, have not been considered essential. My featured guest on the midweek edition of WilmsFront is Victor Tey who’s been exercising his rights every Saturday outside NSW Parliament House.

Then a little later I am joined by online commentator and regular WilmsFront contributor Joel Jammal to interpret the upside-down nature of the US civil unrest, rioting and looting triggered by the death of African-American man George Floyd in an incident of police brutality.

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About Victor Tey

Victor is a Sydneysider husband and father of 6 children. He’s a Christian Bishop in the The Church in Liverpool which he founded in 2015. He launched Exercising My Rights after Australia went into full lockdown on 29 March. His exercising with messages of liberty and civil rights outside NSW Parliament has attracted the ire of the NSW Police and he was arrested on Day 5 of his activism.

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