In Australia we have multiple Marxist political groups, such as the Socialist Alternative, Socialist Alliance, Antifa, and Solidarity, constantly holding loud and unruly rallies to call for revolutionary change.

This week they are agitating to import Black Lives Matter rallies to major Australian cities which in the United States this past week have led to looting, rioting and race-based violence.

Marxist groups are collectivist cults of victimhood that seek power and influence through violence, intimidation and harassment. Inequality, racism, sexism and all their whole raft of grievances are a smokescreen to install socialism. They want to be the cabal of leaders and not the slaves.

These Marxists here this weekend will whistle their faux outrage and will use Aboriginal Australians’ welfare as their drawcard. The results of their Aboriginal rights activism are huge chunks of land being off-limits to development and industry which would create jobs and prosperity for Aboriginal people.

Reconciliation, sorry days, Mabo, other gesturing and posturing see Aboriginals stuck, and are useful for the left and the socialists to keep them downtrodden. The hard Marxist progressives chant, “either you give us free shit forever or we burn the country to the ground.” Making Aboriginals feel used and abused by whites is their objective.

Aboriginals are always at the forefront of their minds to divide Australia by race. White Australians were portrayed as deplorable in the Adam Goodes’ Australian Dream documentary.

Aboriginal guilt fatigue syndrome is now a condition afflicting millions of Australians but we are going to get a lot more of it. The parasitic faux outrage elite was the only audience at the Australian Dream. But of course, because the left has the education system under their belt they will shove it in Australian schools and try to whip up the new generation of white-guilt self-flagellants.


Antifa is a vile and disgusting group. They love tribal politics, and despite their best efforts at diversity they are still an overwhelmingly white organisation. Antifa never fights actual Nazis. Nazis or extremists are just alarmist buzzwords to justify their actions.

They wish for a hard-left socialist society and, to achieve this, no one opposing it must be allowed to express themselves. The same people who claim everyone right of Lenin is a Nazi have never been to a Nazi meeting, although they could easily find out where they are to confront them. But instead, they go after children, the elderly, and incite and encourage disgruntled children to attack others.

The death of the grown-up is a frightening reality in the West. Adolescence used to be from age 12 to 18. That has now jumped to around 34. In society there are the doers like the entrepreneurs and the leaners like Red Flag and Socialist Alternative.

Socialists Selling Snake Oil

You must never pay any notice of what local Marxists say. They sell snake oil, especially to impressionable and idealistic youths. It is about trying to implement their socialist utopia and steal property from those who earn and shift it to those who do not.

The parasitic industry of human rights lawyers, activists, academics, and the Greens have made doing business in Australia a most difficult task, even before the coronavirus pandemic led to economic shutdowns. Australia is smothered in red tape.

The Socialists do not care about economic results and plummeting education standards. They survive on tokenism alone but expect everything from the government and thrive on the public trough.  They don’t expect us to ask for any standards or results. They hate wealth because they do not create any. 

They believe and attempt to portray socialism as a kinder, gentler economic system that respects everyone. But it is command and control.  Thou shalt not allow the market to be free. Thou shalt not control the nation’s borders, thou shalt not be proud to be Australian, thou shalt not allow Christians and other religions to employ people with the same values, thou shalt believe in big government, thou shalt want everything for free, thou shalt not have free speech and hurt anyone’s feelings, thou shalt become serfs to the state, and thou shalt not want for anything.

Socialism is a system that simply allows some to parasitise others. They will punish your enemies, take from others shiny objects you want, destroy all oppression and create a utopia on earth.

The membership of local Marxist groups is overwhelmingly young because they are pawns easily used by adults. These ‘alleged’ adults are individuals who have failed to grow up. Have you seen how Australian children keep getting pummelled in PISA rankings for achievement even as we spend more and more on education? Great job leftists!  

But they know all about feelings, the United Nations,  gender-fluidity and climate change. Schools teach blather and tosh to children who cannot read and write effectively nor add up their coins for Happy Meals at McDonald’s.

The breakup of Australia like what is happening in the United States is getting closer. Divide by race—achieved. Cut off vast traces of land—achieved. De-industrialisation—largely achieved. Turn children into pawns for social justice and forget skills such as mathematics and languages—achieved.

Make sure you prevent farmers from producing by strangling them with red tape and environmental restrictions, prevent them from clearing their own land, promote the United Nations Agenda 2030, continue extortion and perpetual whinging and moaning to expand jobs in the parasitical Aboriginal superstructure. The lucrative guilt industry never ends. Free money is available to anyone jumping on the taxpayer-funded gravy train.

The Racist Bogeyman

Aboriginal grievances have not just been brought up by local socialist groups over the past few days, but have been deliberately re-reported by our mainstream media, especially the ABC. The media has also been promoting this weekend’s planned Black Lives Matter rallies. This is their easiest bogeyman to showcase how racist Australia is.

Never mind the fact that people from all over the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, have made livings in Australia. Do they ever wonder why Asians or Middle-Eastern people have come here from poor conditions and impoverishment and are now in the upper echelons of society in medicine and business?

Never mind that a whole superstructure has been built in Australia servicing Aboriginals. Reconciliation, Uluru Statement from the Heart, Mabo, Sorry days, Welcome to Country, NAIDOC—run by parasitical elites. Promote more symbolism, street theatre, protests and continuous demands for more money.

The Socialist Alternative, Antifa and co. should join together and form a collective community. Anyone not sharing with others can be cut adrift while the rest of society build their own wealth.  But none of them will do that—it’s about forcing others to do what they never can do themselves. 

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