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While the Unshackled was up in Brisbane for LibertyFest we had the opportunity to interview the politician in Australia who has really  rattled the political establishment these past few months Katter Australian Party Senator Fraser Anning in his Brisbane city office.

He begins by explaining how he has seen traditional Australia change over his lifetime and what motivated him to become politically active and join Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in the 1990s.He describes why he become a One Nation candidate in 2016 and why on his first day left to sit as independent despite his 20 year history with the party and Pauline Hanson. He explains why he chose Katter’s Australian Party as his new political home and how it is different from One Nation.

We inquire about what he set out to achieve with his maiden speech and why he chose not to apologize for using the phrase final solution when calling for a plebiscite about further immigration to Australia. Given that his speech has seen Australian nationalists rally around him we ask him why the nationalist vote has been so neglected in Australia.

We look at another controversial speech he made in the Senate about the Safe Schools program labeling it designed by commo perverts who would be strung up in his day. Given that he, Pauline Hanson with her ‘It’s okay to be white’ motion and David Leyonhjelm with his war with Sarah Hanson-Young are all creating controversy in a bid to be re-elected we ask Senator Anning if he believes this is good for Australian democracy.

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