The Unshackled Waves Ep. 178 Economic Bubbles and Latest Media Deplatformings


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Two important issues in global affairs at present are economic bubbles and the continuing social media deplatforming of right wing news outlets. To discuss these developments I was joined by Editor at Large of The Unshackled and global politics expert Steele Archer.

In Australia house prices have continued to grow partly due to continued low interest rates which is a policy that been replicated across developed economies, a key sign of an economic bubble. However now housing prices are slowing down globally with central banks saying this is a good thing. But this is happening with rates close to zero which means that an economic collapse is pending. Low wage growth is also an indication that the growth in value on assets is not a sustainable economic expansion.

Alex Jones and Infowars were the first major media personalities to be deplatformed from social media and were followed by Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys. Now Islam critic Robert Spencer has been booted from Patreon after pressure from credit card company MasterCard in a sign other corporations are facilitating no platforming. The mainstream media meanwhile is uniting behind an anti-Trump editorial.
Both developments are demonstrate the mainstream media cannot be trusted and that alternative media needs to be supported. Also alternative media outlets need to move to free speech social media platforms and make sure their presence does not hinge on the pleasure of these tech giants.

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