The Unshackled Waves Ep. 171 Super Saturday Preview, e-Health Record, African Crime Update and Emma Husar


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After a big week for the Unshackled and with some unexpected technical issues resolved Waves is finally back to dissect another big political week with our Political Editor Michael Smyth.

The Super Saturday 5 by-elections are being held this Saturday 28th July. In preparation for our livestream on election night, we provide a comprehensive preview of the key battleground electorates of Longman and Braddon. In Longman, the One Nation factor is still a major focus with much attention that leader Pauline Hanson is over in the British Isles. The polls are close with a majority of Longman voters forgiving the LNP’s Trevor Ruthenberg’s defence medal mix up. In Braddon, a key independent Craig Garland has received attention for a conviction for assaulting a policewoman. In Mayo Centre Alliance Rebekah Sharkie is ahead of Liberal challenger Georgina Downer by 18 points.

The federal government’s new digital health record database My Health Record has alarmed many Australians with only a 3-month window to opt out of it. Although it was first rolled out in 2012 it has all sunk up on all of us. There are concerns about hacking and security and if sensitive personal health information could access by other government agencies such as the tax office and law enforcement like was the case with metadata laws. It is pleasing to see many Australia rise up and oppose such a big government and big brother initiative.

African Crime in Melbourne was back in the spotlight after the death of 19-year-old Keynan teen Laa Chol after a riot between rival African groups at Airbnb rental EQ Tower. Last week Malcolm Turnbull put the issue back on political agenda while in Melbourne, in response the left claimed the issue was made up and motivated by racism. Following Ms Chol’s death more Victorian crime statistics came to light showing Sudanese born Australians are 57 times more likely to be charged with aggravated robbery than their Australian counterparts and 33 times more likely to be charged with riot and affray.

It was revealed the Labor Member for the Western Sydney seat of Lindsay Emma Husar has been accused of bullying. She has lost 20 staff in 2 years when there are only 4 positions in her office, she also got staff to do domestic duties such as dishes, babysitting and walking her dog. Husar has officially denied everything and been defended by senior Labor colleagues. Much is made that she is a single mother of three and domestic violence survivor. Husar is on personal leave due to threats she has received in the backlash to her alleged behaviour in an effort to still portray herself as a victim. This saga is proof the left are the real bullies.

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