The Unshackled Waves Ep. 155 Jack Reidy from Pop and Locke


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On the Unshackled Waves, we aim to introduce to as many alt-media personalities as possible and today’s guest we were quite flattered reached out to us. Jack Reidy publishes the Pop and Locke blog on online publishing platform Medium. We have now teamed up with Jack to republish Pop and Locke articles on The Unshackled and thought it was about time we had a chat and introduced him to you.

We ask him about his political background, the formation of his views growing up and what motivated him to start a blog. We look at the question of is philosophy becoming lost and the ideas of  John Locke, a proponent of liberty and natural rights being forgotten in the current cultural climate.

We look at how the mainstream media continues to lean left, despite conservatives still winning elections most of the time. We look at the worst examples of fake news, non-news, selective outrage and double standards. We ask him about his experience in using the platform of medium, how he has promoted his blog and if he has run into any censorship on the site.

We look at the state of popular culture and although celebrities have always had left-wing views it is now starting to seep into productions themselves. Examples are the female Ghostbusters reboot and the Black Panther movie and also look if the power of the internet has any chance of changing what is produced.

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