The Stalwart Bastion 2018, Sydney (Highlights)


Damien Ferri From The Unshackled – Broadcasting Live @ The Stalwart Bastion 2017 (3/3/18)

This video footage shows the highlights of the live broadcasting that was done by The Unshackled team. It is a very important event that aims to protect St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney from any vandalism, and also to make a stand against the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. The footage shows scenes from the Mardi Gras itself, Christians guarding and patrolling the grounds of the Cathedral, and highlights from interviews taken after the event. We must take a stand against degeneracy, and ensure that our children aren’t brainwashed by the media and elite that are destroying our faith, nation, and culture. This video footage was filmed at St Mary’s Cathedral & Hyde Park, Sydney CBD, Australia (3/3/18)

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